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Exactly, exactly. So I'm interested in that one. And then I guess I lied. I'll add one more. All sorts of debate around mental health and mental illness related policy. That's obviously coming to a four as we've seen these awful killings of people in New York City, other incidents, questions around just people who need help or not violent. But that's obviously also being debated as well. All right, we could keep going on. Let's just talk politics for one last thought from each of you. As you think about this budget in the political season we're in with the elections coming up. We've touched on this a little bit. The primaries in June, general election in the fall, you know, I go back and forth sometimes about, especially for governor hulk, also true for some of the more moderate to conservative Democrats in the legislature. There's obviously state senators who are concerned about losing their seats. Whether it's whether it's more beneficial for governor hochul politically to sort of appease the left a bit more and sort of undercut, let's say jumani Williams is primary against her or if it's better to go towards the middle, which undercuts Tom swazi is a challenge to her from the right and then also positions her better for a general election, but you'll also need the left in a general election to sort of help her there if she makes it through the primary. So whether it's on what I just said or other things, a final thought on sort of the political season relative to the budget Susan and how you're sort of putting the budget negotiations and deal in the political context here. Well, I guess I'm just sort of pulling a different threads, but I think it depends what happens in the primary is going to be very dependent on whether or not former governor Andrew Cuomo decides to throw his hat in the ring. And I think we're all hearing rumblings that he is going to enter the race. I think it's interesting that we've also heard that he may have some support from people like mayor Adams, like what does that say to a governor hochul who has pretty much given atoms everything that he wants from Albany at this point..

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