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She goes and to me this is also a kind of a double sided where do you think she goes where she can be all star Courtney Williams again? Oh, man. You freaking wood. I don't know. I'm mad at myself right now because I'm trying to think of this is such an interesting case because obviously a lot of Courtney related headlines over the last few months have put a lot of negative on Courtney Williams. And I won't go into that level of judgment. That's not my place here. So I try to think out of where does she fit? Where does it make sense, but also like, you know that there's going to be that discussion of like are we willing to make that investment? Does it make a lot of sense? Does it do this? Does it do that? And it's hard because when I look at any of the high contenders, it doesn't make an entirely strong amount of sense. Just her playing style. I don't know that it quite works almost anywhere. So for instance, I think the sparks are out because I just, I don't think pairing her with Wheeler makes sense. I think it seemed like Indiana might be willing to make that move, but I don't know if that works well for Courtney and a lot of terms now. She may see player like Tyrion McAllen and be willing to make that happen. I'll throw one out that I think definitely won't happen. But is one of those crazy splashes that you just never know and I actually really don't think it'll happen because they're pretty solid with talented guards, so I don't know why they do this. But if there's one coach who might have the recipe to really help pull in the personality of Courtney Williams and just let her play basket, you know, and get her in a mindset to play basketball and potentially help some of that off the court stuff to calm down a bit. And I don't know about all star Courtney, but maybe Sheryl Reeves might be the one name. And I'm not saying because the links are solid in their backward right now. They're set up their backwards really solid. So I'm not trying to play that game. But it's also one of those like, we didn't get a scene in a Davis because she got injured. That's a player who potentially I think could fit really well under Courtney Williams wing, you think, which I think was something they wanted to see happen with Kennedy Carter in Atlanta and it just it didn't work. It didn't happen. And I think it's because you need a coach who guides that well. And Cheryl might be one to do that. So that's for me to say like if all teams were interested, that's a fit that could potentially work in helping provide a lesser mindset and getting her to maintain an all star level. On a realistic sense, no, I don't see that type of move happening at all. It's just hard right now because there's a hint to answer your question. There's a handful of teams she could contribute on and do well with and I don't know if there's a team where the fit of helping her be at an all star level is just quite there. Like it's a hard like the answer on a narrative standpoint before this last 6, 7, whatever months, probably was Atlanta. And yeah, that's the point I wanted to make. That's not your part. Yeah. That was the spot and then it kind of didn't it just didn't work out. Yeah, she was 27. She turns 28 this year. She was an all star just this year. This was her best season. But granted, a lot of those numbers did come in losses where her rebounding was up or assists were up for points per game were up, but also just her involvement in the offense and touching the ball more than she had in her career had a lot to do with that. I don't know if she necessarily took a step forward as a player so much as they leaned on her because there wasn't a lot of other talent in Atlanta and they were trying to come back in a lot of games. She tried way more.

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