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Thank you Bill, by the way for for that win in our line because I don't I don't think that when came up at the last thread. I would say the biggest by the way the biggest banger of these would be LSU Notre Dame the DaMarcus Russell game. I'll ever member Amos number one draft pick jamarcus Russell. Yes. The one that gave us the moment where Troy Smith and jamarcus Russell were on the sidelines of a game. The next year being interviewed there at the same game. And jamarcus Russell was wearing the biggest Kugi sweater. I've ever seen in my life with a medallion over it like this huge ghost face style. Medallion and they asked Troy Smith, you know, I think it was Chris cow. It's names for FOX's perpetually clueless. And it goes like this. So many people, and is it is. But he has to what do you think of this water and this medallion about the haircut who has the I wha player exactly about America. Yeah. That guy he asked he kind of barges into this interview as these to these two like, you know, fresh out of college NFL guys. Like, hey, what do you think the sweater medallion and Troy Smith looks at it looks at him. And goes, I think it's very Representative of Alabama. Wow. One of the best on air answers. I've ever seen the other thing about an asking people for Notre Dame losses. It is it draws in. What I say United nation. I don't just mean college football nation, it draws in people who clearly have no interest in the games themselves by which I mean gamblers I had one answer from reader, Greg. That was just this these people who come in, and they speak as though the twenty thirteen national championship game was news. Greg says the championship beatdown where they came in his number one, but we're plus ten in Vegas. Bama covered. Cold. Also there was a football game. That's like somebody going and go man male mid thirties. Great heart rate early in nineteen twenty six rock knee blew off the game with Carnegie tech to scouted upcoming opponent. And Carnegie tech beat them nineteen to nothing. Yeah. This was Notre Dame of blue title shot because new rock name is too. Lazy didn't care enough. Do we know Notre Dame's all time win percentage against Yukon? One second, please vamp. I it's a whole bunch of OSs is that own one. Oh in one thousand nine. Biden grabs podium or the one to ultimate the perfect uconn record, of course, eight and five I'm not gonna look it up assuming that's the best record in school history. What could really what could be better think Mack? Matt Brown was talking in nineteen thousand nine such an underrated season. In terms of foam eighty. If only for that, right? If only for that, and for you know, like the longest most miserable like. Then like, it's a let's see two thousand nine and that's that's an Alabama your cause. Remember for the last ten years you like is it an Alabama year or not Alabama here? One of those. It was one of the first Alabama is fresh. No we were getting into. Let's also not forget that. Notre Dame is Owen to all-time against Oregon state, Oregon state. This is such a rich tapestry that I must have scrolled past fifty responses in this thread before you get to the first mention of the Bush push. Whereas what is this threat is this on Twitter? This is this is last night. I just I it was like a quarter ended the Bama Oklahoma game..

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