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In the next fifteen minutes at first it's four fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five years list hours if you're coming from with the riverside area and use the ninety one west you may want to check thank and change your plans because of the ninety one west of main street all injure block right now a traffic break being run and this is solid back up to the fifteen as a matter of fact I'm going to call and all the way back to McKinley street where you may want to get off and change your mind about things and we'll give you an alternate here first right now as of the day all interest out this is a motorcycle versus an S. U. V. so just be aware of that if you're coming down the ninety one I we get off actually I'm seeing slowing all the way back to peers gets a magnolia magnolia turns into six street and six street past everything to the ninety one to back to the ninety one is right on their easy peasy you get than that so all the way down into the O. C. now let's go over the K. rail a down a Green River and this is on the ninety one east at Green River Road wanna thank a tipster for checking in the can actually measure traffic declined three to three four six seven ten seventy two pickup trucks in a car possibly a big rig tractor involved the car was on fire still may be am seeing some slowing approaching there the caller said the three right lanes are close that leaves the carpool and left lane open the car pool lanes and the left lane I do believe there's two carpool lanes there and so just be aware of that issue coming up that's why traffic's getting through but again the westbound side of the ninety one shut down a main street you're backed up solid that is also affecting the southbound side of the fifteen to the west bend ninety if you're on that south down fifteen you can get off at what is that mountain Avenue and take Hamner down Hamner will go to six straight and you can cut the cross there and get back on next reports coming up at four twenty five I'm just hours were traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio temperatures father start to come down we continue to track rain mid seventies today low seventies at the beach is that tomorrow we will drop into the mid sixties everywhere with a sixty percent chance.

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