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This is the mideast peace podcast i am your host molly livingstone and with us today is cory gill schuster the creator of asking as rayleigh ask a palestinian project he is the director of the international program in conflict resolution and mediation explain that to me at tel aviv university corey how are you that's a lot of titles for one person anything you want to add to that by the way just we all even too much as it is everything's good a taunt mantaro grumpy so if i say grumpy things forgive me by october all will be good it's interesting that you're grumpy and hot because i feel like you go out and you film these questions that basically your community or the people that are engaged they have these questions that they want to ask you because they watch your videos asking an israeli asking a palestinian then they come up with their own questions you go out you go all over israel you go all over territories or palestine or whatever you wanna call it you must be so s fizi sweaty gross hot yes yes i try to do it as concentrated as possible or when i'm on my way to do something so if i have let's say a doctor's appointment and it's in like but yom or something i take my camera with me as i go along on the bus or something i asked people but yeah when i do it really concentrated i get home at the end of the day exhausted so it's so interesting that you say that because you've been doing this for a while about six years now over six years now and i think that what you're doing is pre what people would do about just getting a camera in your face i mean you were sort of the start at of it and you're doing it with his railly's in palestinian now you yourself are sort of a unidentifiable white man is that is that how you would sort of herself sure it's true i actually do blend into everywhere somehow i have that privilege call it palestinians often think of palestinian israeli income israeli it's grain i've just go with it what's the truth by the way like who are you that they don't know that that's who you are the big secret there's no secret on canadian i've lived in israel for many years that's about it i don't think they're jewish not a believer but i'm i'm still a jew that's that's about it and what i try to i try to approach both groups and pretend that i don't know who they are and what they're gonna talk about trying to approach it from trump's chatwin of the asks same thing well that seems to work i mean look you got the president of the united states doing the same strategy working with north korea maybe playing dumb and being naive actually gets you a lot further when it.

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