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Radio 1000 FM 97 7, covering the northwest and the world and coming up after ABC News. It's never too early to talk about the next presidential election. I'm Jeff pojo with how the state Democrats want to change the primary traffic and weather in four minutes. From ABC News, I'm Daria albinger. His White House days were numbered, but former president Trump was planning on making another changes in his administration. He was ready to fire acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen and replace him with Jeffrey Clark, a low level DoJ attorney who supported mister Trump's election fraud claims. Beyond the president, I do recall saying to people that somebody should be put in charge of the Justice Department, who isn't frightened of what's going to be done to their reputation. Former Trump attorney general Rudy Giuliani's videotaped testimony was played at today's January select committee hearing. Another White House lawyer Eric hershman says a number of GOP lawmakers who supported the claims wanted pardons. The general tone was we may get prosecuted because we were defensive of the president's positions on these things. ABC News has obtained a letter from one of the lawmakers, Alabama's mo Brooks. The Supreme Court has expanded gun rates by striking down a century old New York State law that limits concealed carriers. This is Aaron couture in New York where mayor Eric Adams called the Supreme Court decision appalling. And we can not allow New York to become the wild wild west. Shootings here have only recently started to subside after a year's long spike and police commissioner keeshan sewell made clear the decision changes nothing now. If you carry a gun illegally in New York City, you will be arrested. The state will likely have to rework conceal carry licensing and attempt to limit places where guns can be carried. ABC News, New York. The NBA draft is underway the first pick the Orlando Magic selects duke freshman. Stocks closed higher today. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected, stay informed with the northwest's only all news station northwest news radio. And good evening, 6 O two downtown Seattle temperatures, 68. I'm Rick fancier here's what's happening locally. Washington Democrats hope to have more of their presidential candidates visit the evergreen state. The state party has applied to move up its presidential primary. If held earlier in the season, it would be more visits from presidential hopefuls. State party spokeswoman Olivia here sink. You know, it would really give us a chance to really highlight Washington on the national stage. In 2020, the primary was held in early March, but by that time several candidates, including governor Jay inslee, had dropped out. A final decision on moving up the Washington state democratic primary is expected sometime in August. Jeff pozole and northwest news radio. Meantime, the state Republican Party declined to comment on the potential move. Identity not policy guiding Washington voters in the 21st century. That's what an influential pollster is saying as the crucial midterm elections approach. We have more from corwin hake. Doctor Stewart Elway, the brains behind the respected crosscut Elway pole, notes the fall elections raise key questions nationally and locally. Will the anticipated red wave materialize will that wave wash into the ever blue state? Elway's wordplay underscores that for a generation now, Washington voters have exclusively favored democratic candidates for governor U.S. senator and president. It wasn't always that way, prior to the mid 1980s. There was more common for Washington voters to split their ticket between their presidential candidate and their congressional candidate. These days he says Washington voters favor party over policy in the olden days, both parties were big tents. They contained various interests and issue positions. Now he says the political big tents all have folded to an unprecedented degree. Voters don't pick the party that fits their thinking. They pick the party that matches their identity, then they form their policy preferences to line up with the party. Core wind haek, northwest news radio. Still ahead after traffic

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