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Now, something I do find to be interesting though about the story, and I guess this is to a degree a post George Floyd sort of situation. When they know these videos about to come out, it is all hands on deck at your local media company. I saw my man David Dennis on the middle of the night SportsCenter. Talk about that video. Witty came out. Interesting, right? Like, we don't really have the sports tie, really hadn't come yet, and I saw a headline on ESPN dot com about the players on the grizzlies speaking out about the video and all these things that happened with that. First of all. I understand the need for preparedness, right? Stay ready, greater than get ready. But when is the last time the police beat one of us severely or to death? Or shot one of us? And we immediately took it to the street upon the release of the video. And I don't mean take it to the street to protest. I mean, take it to the street to break. When is that? When is that been the case? When's the last time? Because here's the thing. That isn't what happened with Rodney King. You have to remember what happened with Rodney King that led to riots was the acquittal, it wasn't the actual act of violence.

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