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Okay. Well on that slightly more serious note. Thank you. For your thoughts on autumn winter twenty nine thousand nine hundred I'm Imran Ahmed, founder and CEO of the business of fashion here with Tim blanks. Our editor at large we are saying farewell for this season. And for this week on inside fashion. Please tune in next week or more from us. If you enjoyed this conversation, please leave us a review on your favorite podcasting platform share with your friends. We are proud to tell you be OS podcasts have now received over two million downloads all around the world. So clearly, you are enjoying these conversations. Give us your feedback. Tell us what you want here about. We are here to vote the issues that you want to hear so with that little plug. I am signing off. Thank you. Thank you. If you enjoyed this conversation, you might be interested in B O F professional our global membership community from the business of fashion Buick, professional members receive unlimited access to all of our articles daily members only analysis, the Buick professional iphone app by annual print issues and all of our online education courses as part of your membership. For a limited time only, we are offering podcast listeners an exclusive discount on an annual of professional membership to get twenty five percent off of your first year. Click on the link in the episode notes select the annual package and enter the special invitation code podcast twenty nineteen at the checkout. We hope you enjoy it. And don't forget to tell your friends..

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