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Avail in the end to Chung's men turned on him and September of Nineteen Ninety one. He was tried for the armed robbery and sentenced to eighteen years in prison. We'll Chunky Kong was no stranger to life behind bars. This time was different. It was wealthy now and a respected. If elusive member of Hong Kong's high-society. He couldn't believe that the police had the audacity to lock him up in his mind. These officers were the real criminals. They took money from the taxpayers and used it to go after innocent. People like him as opposed to violent offenders. This perspective isn't uncommon among criminals. Stanton knee SAM now. A clinical psychologist reports that nearly all criminal offenders view themselves as good people. They often excuse their behavior by citing their religion and good deeds or by stating that other criminals have committed more heinous crimes than themselves while in prison. Chung claimed that he was treated. He alleged that in order to get a confession from him. Police officers hit him with sticks and whipped him with belts he also said. They tortured his wife leaving both of them with scars. Chong wasted away in prison losing any hope of speedy appeal however only eighteen months into his lengthy sentence lock was back on Chung side. During one of his appeals. A guard who was present at the Kai. Tak robbery failed to properly identify Chung. The charges were dropped in June. Nineteen ninety five. The forty year old Cheung Kong was released from prison but John was hardly in the mood to celebrate his newfound freedom. His time behind bars had left him. Extremely bitter what. Good were his promises to remain nonviolent. If he ended up in prison with the murderers anyway to make matters worse his own triad brothers had betrayed him. The UNBREAKABLE BONDS OF THE TRIAD BROTHERHOOD. Apparently could be broken. Chang's honor codes seemed irrelevant to him now. He found himself at a crossroads and decided to move forward alone. All he had to do was pick his next crime at this point. Chun had run the gamut of armed robbery yet proven to himself that he was as capable of executing seemingly impossible heists as he was small theft he felt confident that he can pull off a crime of even greater magnitude. It also had to be more lucrative. Prison HADN'T TAMED. Chung's appetite for wealth. If anything it made him more insatiable Roderick Broadhurst a professor of criminology noted that Chun's willingness to go to extremes for money isn't really uncommon. We live in a society measured by wealth and status. So it's unsurprising that when people can't earn the money they desire through conventional means. They turned to innovative. In sometimes illegal methods. Chung was no exception. He was obsessed with money and he would stop at nothing to feed his greed. With this goal in mind he settled on his most radical scheme. Yet it was going to kidnap the ten richest men Hong Kong and hold them for ransom. Coming up Chung goes after his first victim back to the story in June. Nineteen ninety-five forty-year-old. Cheung Kong had recently been released from his second stint in prison. But this time he made no effort to turn his life around and go legit he had gotten a taste of the good life and he was willing to do anything to hold onto it including kidnapping people for ransom. Chong had devised a dramatic scheme. He was going to abduct the ten wealthiest men in Hong Kong and hold them for ransom. Having settled on this plan Chung got down to the specifics who to kidnap I ultimately. He decided on thirty one year old. Victor Lee the son of one of Hong Kong's wealthiest businessmen and the heir to his father's Fortune Chauncey. Kahn had a lot in common with victor's father. Sixty eight year old. Li ka-shing neither grew up particularly wealthy and both men had taken huge risks that resulted in vast wealth. But while Chong used illegal means Li ka-shing had honed his legacy honestly in one thousand nine hundred ninety six sixty eight year old businessman. Li ka-shing was the richest man. In Asia. Hong Kongers affectionately referred to him as Superman for his quintessential rags to riches tale Li ka-shing and his family fled to Hong Kong from mainland China during the Second World War. Shortly afterwards lease father died of tuberculosis saddling. His sixteen year old son with financial responsibility for the whole family Lee began working at a factory where he was eventually promoted to manager by the age of twenty two. He had saved up enough meager earnings to open his very own plastics factory. Cheung Kong Industries Lease Company proved to be massively successful and he used his profits to branch out into other lucrative industries shrewd businessman. He invested in energy solutions technologies and building developers throughout the world as well as real estate in Hong Kong in spite of his wealth. Li ka-shing was well loved. He had a solid reputation for being a man of his word stating that a verbal yes or no is as good as a written contract and he was a very modest family man. His pride and joy in life was his son. Victor Thirty one year old. Victor had spent his formative years being groomed to take over. Cheung Kong Industries. He studied civil engineering at Stanford University before moving to Vancouver where he oversaw one of his father's subsidiary companies Husky Energy. When Victor came aboard the company was doing quite poorly but victor side as an opportunity to prove himself by one thousand nine hundred ninety Husky energy was thriving and Victor. Li had been promoted to co-chairman impressed by his sons initiative. Li ka-shing invited victor to return to Hong Kong and worked directly underneath him at Cheung Kong headquarters by Nineteen ninety-six thirty one year old. Victor was well established at Cheung Kong. Little did he know that criminal mastermind. Cheung Kong was watching his every move. Chung's men gathered information. About what time victor left home in the morning? How long it took him to get to work. What kind of car? He drove and where he went to lunch. Once Chung piece together victor schedule he discovered that on May Twenty Third Nineteen ninety-six. Victor was scheduled to visit his father's home in deep water. Bay Chung thought. This was as good a time as any to strike the evening of May Twenty Third. Victor wrapped up his last meeting for the day. He was looking forward to a quiet night with his family and his dark blue. Nissan President Limousine was waiting outside for him but Chunky Kong and four other men were waiting for him to victor. Li casually tossed his briefcase into the back seat of the Waiting Limo. But before he had a chance to slide into his seat he was blindsided. Five men tackled him shoving a blindfold over his face in a split second before he was blindfolded. Victor caught a glimpse of the assault. Rifles that Chung in the four other men were carrying you felt calloused hands. Hold his arms behind his body while someone else bound his wrists and legs with chains. Victor heard several different voices but he couldn't tell how many from what he could tell. One man was in charge. The whole ordeal happened. In a matter of seconds even victor's driver couldn't react fast enough to help Chung and his men tossed victor into a waiting truck and started driving hours past. Victor had no idea where they were headed. He was worried they had crossed the border into China or his chances of being discovered were slim after what felt like ours. Victor was dragged from the car and tossed into a small dark place that had wooden walls and no windows. This was hardly a room. It was more like a wooden crate. The kind used for shipping cargo one of the henchmen handed victor a bowl of steamed pork and rice. He accepted not knowing when or if he was going to get any more food. Victor wondered if he should just ask the man what was going on or what they wanted from him but that could potentially be more dangerous. You decided to keep his mouth shut. All he could do was wait for answers. Meanwhile at Lea- ka-shing's palatial home in Deep Water Bay Road Victor's billionaire father anxiously awaiting his arrival. Dinner was almost ready. And it wasn't like victor to be so late. Finally the doorbell rang. One of the maids went to the door. Expecting to see victor but her jaw dropped in terror when she saw a different familiar face to recognized him from the newspaper. Chunky Kong the criminal. Who Had Rob Kai Tak? Airport Chung demanded to see Li ka-shing immediately. He informed -ly that if he ever wanted to see his son again it would cost him two billion Hong Kong dollars..

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