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He punches you in the face as the coach. What do you do? Well, I apologize that my face got in the way of his fist. I I checked and make sure his hands. Okay. And I hope he didn't hit me with his throwing hand. And then we get on with the game plan and try to win. Again. You town the next on your face gets in the way, he says let right absolutely right. Not the throne. Going hand there. And that's what I'd get upset about their. Let's let's throw some basketball nuggets in everybody's face, and now type of stamp and Gandhi's top NBA nuggets only Wednesday show. The biggie. Excellent acting work as always buy you Roya number three the third best nugget that STAN Van Gundy has for us from basketball is well this week. We're going to focus on three things, Dan where there's more than one way to do things in the NBA every situation is different. So number three. Here we talked in last week's now gets about how the top players play fewer games in fewer minutes now and the idea of resting players frequently was pioneered by Gregg Popovich will now with all of San Antonio injuries and the play offs and outta sure thing to Spurs players lead the NBA in minutes played per game. Demar derozen at thirty nine minutes. A game and lamarcus Aldridge at thirty seven minutes. A game. That's an interesting now get his third best one second from STAN Van Gundy. Well, the league is playing faster now in fact, twenty three teams are averaging over one hundred possessions per game as opposed to only three teams that did that last year, however of the five slowest playing teams in the league, Charlotte, San Antonio Brooklyn. Memphis in Indiana, four of them are five hundred or better. Are you you advocating for the Memphis style of blueprint there. Now, what what a, but my point is is I think what happens a lot in and not just in basketball. But in every league is is whoever the best team is in this case, Golden State everybody assumes that that's got to be the best way to play. And this is all personnel based in there are different ways to play the game. And the number one hot nugget that STAN Van Gundy will place in America's face today is three point attempts are up again. In a lot of teams equate more threes with better offense, sixteens take over forty percent of their shots from three and five of them are in the bottom half of the league in offensive efficiency. In contrast, six teams take fewer than thirty percent of their shots from three and all of them are in the top half of the league in offensive efficient..

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