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A shield other defenders away from the football and for him to be able to get up to the highest point and bring it down as far as the sean jackson goes he's going to be reliant on breaking short plays plays into big runs or hitting the bomb you know are they going to be able to do that more than four times this year maybe but i think if i have to choose the over-under on touchdowns for sean jackson. I'm probably taking the under no. I'll take the over. I think both these guys will achieve the over on touchdown throws for saying the over. That's at least seven for jaffrey jeffrey and that's at least five for sean. That's twelve touchdowns and if we're talking yeah we're talking thirty five to forty touchdowns for carson wentz. That sounds about right to me so i'll take the over over on both guys for touchdowns. I think those numbers are a little bit low. We're looking at the tight ends now. Zakar it's total receptions in two thousand nineteen ninety and a half total receiving yards cards nine fifty and total receiving touchdowns in the regular season seven and a half. I think he's so good. He's so good ninety and a half is a a lot though and if they're gonna play dallas goddard a little bit more touches for zakar. It's go down a little bit this year. I think the targets go down a little bit zakar. It's this year so i'm going to say i'm gonna say <music> onder on the receptions and receiving yards seven and a half touchdowns as a lot but carson wentz loves looking for zakar. It's especially inside the red zone. I'll take the over on receiving touchdowns for zakar. Zakar is probably will end up leading the team in receiving touchdowns and so i'll take the over on seven and and a half on touchdowns but i'll take the under on the yardage nine hundred fifty yards and i'll take the under on the total receptions ninety and a half for fletcher cox and brandon graham iran. They're looking at saks. They have the over under for cox with eight and a half sacks and the over under for graham at six and a half sacks. I'm going under for brandon brandon graham. He's only gone over six and a half sacks once in his career and that was in two thousand seventeen the super bowl season when he had nine and a half sacks so again. He's never been a big sack total guy. He gets a lot of pressures. He gets a lot of hurries. He gets a lotta tackles in the backfield but we haven't seen graham have just one quote unquote big sack season and really nine and a half sacks for an edge rusher is not that many it's a good number especially with as much as the eagles rotate their defensive ends but if i'm looking at the if i'm looking to put money on an over under number for total sacks for brandon graham yeah i'm staying underneath six and a half because he's only gotten to over six and a half once in his career as for fletch you know his injury situation makes me a little nervous the fact that he hasn't played it all or really practiced at had all this spring or barely barely any eight and a half sacks though is a number he should be able to leapfrog if he's healthy and everything we're hearing from the eagles goals is that they're just keeping them out as a precaution that it's nothing serious that he'll be ready to go bye week one and if that's the case with me jackson helping to take some of the pressure off of him in the middle of the line you might see a little bit of an easier time for fletcher to get into the backfield and and get to the quarterback if maliki jackson can take a little bit more attention away in timmy jernigan. This is said to be looking really good in this preseason as well that if jernigan is is you know kind of re rejuvenated and can generate some pressure. It'll it'll make things easier for fletcher koksal. I'll say i'll say over eight and a half for fletcher cox as far as total sacco. I'll say under six and a half and total sacks for brandon graham and i'm going to have a whole list over unders <hes> with some more than justice i will..

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