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74 in the district brought to you by Long Fence save 25 % on Long Fence decks pavers and fences six months no payment no interest financing terms and conditions apply go to LongFence .com it's a 10 money news at 10 and 40 past the hour Victoria's Secret is working to reverse its supercharged sexy image that left it irrelevant to many women and led to years of sales declines the company used to throw annual fashion shows featuring supermodels in fantasy bras this week after a four -year hiatus the lingerie brand held an event that was part fashion show and part preview of a documentary style film it featured 20 global creatives and celebrated all different body shapes the film called the Victoria's Secret world tour will air on Amazon Prime Video September 26th earning more money remains the top reason why we change jobs WTOP business reporter Jeff Klaybaugh says how much more depends on gender the most recent Federal Reserve Employment Survey found the average new salary working Americans would accept to take a new job is a record high $79 ,000 among men it's 91 25 percent more than the average response from women who'd job hop for 66 ,000 staffing firm robert half recommends all people considering a job change check free salary guides so they know what peers with the same skills are getting paid this report is sponsored by Whole Foods Market explore September sales at Whole Foods Market save 33 % on all supplements with prime through September 12th while supplies last shop in -store online terms apply and coming up

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