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App is available on iOS only valid only in states where Caesar's race book is legally available. It must be 21 plus and reside in a state where such activity is legal to open a wagering account. Gambling problem, call or text 805 two two 4700, Caesar's race book get bonuses right out of the gate. Okay, so the morning line favorite gets the job done and raised to at San Anita violent runner getting her second consecutive win, but we're going to head on over to Belmont park where they also have a short field going to post little faster runners than what we just saw at Santa and nita. This is an allowance optional claimer for three year olds and up that are non winners of three other than or in for a claiming price of $80,000. They're going to go 6 furlongs on the fast main track field of 5. By the way, number three fire sword races with blinkers off today. The morning line favorite was number four chateau and chateau is a horse who has been running against stakes caliber competition. Most of his recent career. And he's actually been favored against and beaten stakes caliber competition several times. He gets the lead every time he goes to the races, and then you just have to hold your breath once they get to about the quarter pole through the stretch on whether or not he's going to keep going. He was 6 to 5 on the morning line. At that price, I thought he was a horse that you could play against. He's probably going to get the lead. I think new bomb is going to at least try to press them a little bit from the outside. Number two, three two zone. It looks very logical coming off a two other than allowance win last time out. He destroyed that field. He looks like he's ascending, whereas chateau looks like he may be going the other direction. The problem is, the prices are not what the morning line is. Three two zone was 5 to two on the morning line. He's 6 to 5 right now. I'm not interested in 6 to 5. It's not that I'm never willing to take 6 to 5. There are 6 to 5 shots that have a there's a horse running tomorrow. In the poker at Belmont in mason, one of two that Chad Brown trains, who 6 to 5 on the morning line. If that horse is somehow 6 to 5, I'm betting. It's probably going to be about one to two or three to 5 in the race. But this one at 6 to 5 three two zone. Yeah, he looks really logical in the spot. It's hard to take 6 to 5 when you thought you might get two to one or 5 to two. And that's where I kind of am with three two zone. Three two zone moving up the class ladder. He's been in the money ten of 14 career starts. He has run in stakes competition already several times. In fact, they thought he was a state horse last year, and he was good enough to run second or third in some minor stakes at Belmont and pimlico, but worked his way back down into the allowance ranks, and I think it's helped them. And his first race for ray handel was that allowance race last time out and in my mind, it's far and away better than we had ever seen from him. He was going from a trainer in Mario Montoya who was zero for 26 for the year to ray handle whose winning 30% of his races at Belmont park not only having a great Belmont meat, but just having a great 2022 overall winning at a 23% clip. I say day in and day out, ray handel is one of these guys. That's just sneakily haven't, you know, he's never going to get the accolades that Chad Brown and Bill motten Todd pletcher and Christoph Clement had because he doesn't have quite the caliber of runners. He doesn't have quite the number of runners that they have, man, he and his staff are doing a fantastic job and it seems like anything they get their hands on runs better than it was running before. So good on ray handle, good on his team, and three two zone. I know this. If he runs the same type of race today against three other than competition, that he did against two other net competition, he's going to win, and he's going to be in a stake race for his next start because they don't really, they don't really write four other than competition allowance races. You know, this is it. You win this race and you either need to you need to find a stakes race to go in. Whether it's in New York or somewhere else. We're going to find out horses have made their way to the gate for this 8th race at Belmont park. Number one happy farm, former steak runner who's worked his way back into the claiming ranks going into the inside gate still running some good races now and then. Three two zone is in, fire sword. Here's chateau in those yellow and pink colors of Mike dub. Chateau figures to show a speed, new bomb will try to keep him company early going. John embryo with race 8.

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