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And I have to say being familiar with Wilbur Ross's business and his business history. I have been waiting since he was nominated to be the secretary of commerce for the dam to break on the multiple very swampy involvements and business history of Wilbur Ross. And you seem to have done it with these interviews and the pattern of business he engaged in before becoming secretary and what he's done since becoming secretary. Yeah, you know, there's a lot of rich guys who get sued for various things, but not like this, not by so many former partners by so many investors to have such consistent allegations and to have it all add up to such a significant amount of money. I mean, one hundred twenty three million dollars is a huge sum for anyone including Wilbur Ross, and Dan just take us through what he was supposed to do in terms of what he. He said he would do with his finances when becoming a commerce secretary and what he actually didn't do. Sure. So like all public officials, Wilbur Ross made agreements before he took office that he would divest the majority of his holdings and in November of last year, he certified that he in fact had done that on a sworn statement when in fact, he had not done that. And instead he's still own more than ten million dollars of stock in the parent company of his former private equity fund company called. Invesco that he didn't sell until about a month and a half after that. And he'll still held stock in an air leasing company that he held onto for more than a year after he was supposed to and he'd shorted a company that he said that he thought that he had an interest in. So he was taking a short to cancel out that interest. But in fact, he didn't have an interest in the short wasn't necessary. All of this stuff he said was a result of simple mistakes, but it's hard to believe that one of the most sophisticated investors in the country would make so many large mistakes at so many different companies, Tim O'Brien, how could this have gone wrong for Donald Trump? He told his audience, you don't want four people doing this kind of work. You want rich guys doing this kind of work. You want rich guys in congress who can't be corrupted like Chris Collins, you want rich guys in the cabinet like Wilbur Ross, right Lawrence. And so what we've learned is that Trump did not drain the swamp. He just filled it with bigger alligators and Dan's great. Reporting, which I admire so much as really exposed just around the fact pattern. Everything that's untored about real Barastas holdings. Wally serving as the commerce secretary, and there's been a lot of really great reporting in addition to dance around this, and the list is almost so long. It would be impossible to get through it in this program in addition to the stuff that Dan is already pointed out. Ross was negotiating trade agreements with China during a time when he owned a company that was exporting natural gas to China. He had another a shipping company that was doing business in China and was partially owned by the Chinese government while he's overseeing trade policy with China. He has another company exporting steel from South Korea at the same time that the Trump administration is imposing steel tariffs on some of our competitors, but giving South Korean exemption. All of this stuff is it just smells and it's amazing. It's taken this long for it to come to a head. Dan, how long have you been working on the Wilbur Ross story? Well, there have been many Wilbur Ross stories, but I, I started covering him about a year ago when we were looking to see how much money he was worth. And that was when we uncovered that. Although he'd been claiming to us for years that he had billions of dollars. He in fact, did not. And once you figured that out. Then sort of all this other stuff. So I run Raveling and there's one investor told me. I said, once you figure out that the guy is essentially for lack of a better word of fraud, you figure out that anything that he says really isn't quite correct. Tim O'Brien quickly take us inside the head of Donald Trump tonight. He's watching Chris Collins charged with these crimes along with his son. Does he see the possible mirror of Donald Trump and Donald Trump?.

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