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A lotta seasonable contracts from charles johnson making him at that point the richest player in nfl history back in two thousand eleven he had jon stewart gave a big contract he was loyal to his veteran players to a fault and that hurt him some when dave gettleman took over the panthers were sixteen million dollars over the salary cap and they really couldn't do a lot to help attain move forward so marty hurry actually sat back and watched weiss a lotta what they've got on did an x was very compliment mary st dave gettleman did a great job i think they've got them and served a big purpose for that team when they needed somebody to come in the cutthroat but at this point they feel like they need to take a step back but marty while he still believes that he could be analytically also status important to keep those relationships and everything so they can have a good harming inside the locker room and i think he's got a good mixture of blend of both that he didn't have before all here we go you get right to work aware got the team stand currently on extensions for todd davis and greg olsen before this weekend's well that's one of the things that the speculation has led to dave gettleman not being here because of the ways handle contract negotiation to pass thomas davis's thirty four greg olsen has thirty one and eighty gotta have a purse then there is going to understand what these guys to do given ford and get them has been reluctant to extend these type of deals for older veterans and a pass but marty herni is not going to rush anything he's not going to do anything before training camp starts next week he wants to sit down he wants to taught the both with these players understand what they're warning let him know what the team these and how they can best help the team contractually moving forward where he could try to make both sides happy marty hernia guy who drafted cam newton luke kikwete charles johnson traded for tied in grey goals and all those guys are now team captains sports central night espn radio in philly wednesday night couple of goals for team usa late in the first half the beatles salvador to nil in.

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