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Let that purple around for a little bit. Welcome back to talk radio 5 60 cous. I thought I'd never left up right here anyway. Let's get the Laura Laura's Laura. She's the missing. No welcome, Laura. Hi, Bob. Thanks for taking my call. Sir. I wonder if you could give me some advice about how to keep Cabbage butterflies off broccoli and brussel sprouts. Yeah, there's a product out there called RO cover. Oh, yes, Okay, and it's just floating on the top of the area. The only problem is when the wind comes up, If it ever does, and cleans out the air were it will blow away. But then initially, I think And they won't be a problem after the rain. Okay? So put that on and they go away for some reason. Now in case use, you know, they sort of lay their eggs and you didn't get there in time. Look under on the under leaf of a leaf. It will not be the you know the cabbage. Part it'll be on the loose leaves. And if you look underneath there, and you can just squish him those eggs before they hatch. OK, OK. Do you think I could be admitting of as a row cover or do I need infect that insect fabric? No, just plain gross cover. Yeah, the road cover will keep the boss off. Okay. The product recover, OK? Yeah. The netting doesn't do anything because a moth can get through it. They can. Okay. Okay, So whatever, Yeah. Row covers that I guess the name but it works. I've used it a lot, especially in my garden of new beginning initially, and then we don't somehow or other we don't have them anymore. I don't know what happened to him unless by by covering them up, and they didn't lay there, Agent we didn't let the eggs hatch. Maybe the cycle's gone for them. Maybe. Or they found another neighbor with cabbage. I don't know. We'll find out someday. All right. Okay. Thank you, Laure. I love the name. Hey, let's go to Bob and Sebastian. Cool. I like that name too. Okay. Hi there, Bob. How are you? Hello, Bob. Come on, Bob, wake up. Hello, Bob. I'm here, Bob. You can't hear. Yeah. Now I can. Where have you been? What You do have to go outside and take a leak or something? Do that a lot, too. You know, you can always go inside when you got dirty C from gardening. Well, I understand that. Ah, good. I'm tired of fighting two gophers around here. So I'm going to do next year. What a lot of people are doing with these. These animals watering turnoffs. Oh, yeah, That's my raised beds like my primary And probably most important question is I see a drain hole on near the bottom. Is that enough to Teo? What? Let the water out or do I have to add a holes? You know, into the bottom of the tank, the holes in the bottom of useless you need to do it on the side. Okay? And they don't have to be. Ah, no, Let's see. I use them at my new beginning Garden for strawberries. I don't think we use it for that anymore. But anyway Ah, I think you need to have about three on his sign. Okay? Okay, But what what diameter All Lissy. It was ah, half an inch drill. Okay, I can do. That s Oh, yeah. Three on each side. Don't put any rock in the bottom and all that crap. Just use playing plane soil all the way through, and I think he'll be fine but least we were with ours. Because what happens here I make I make baskets for my gofer baskets and plant my bikini in them. But near the end of the season, what happens is the roots have gone outside the bathroom or the basket and then They just eat away and then the plants kind of dry up on me. That's what happens Well, this time of the year I was thinking now is the time of the year when they the zucchini starts to give up. So I thought you were given up there giving up generally, but I've got to tell you a funny one. We had to zucchinis hanging the other day, and we came out the next day, and we presume that there's a kidney got pulled down a gofer hole. Oh, good explanation. There's no other explanation. Well, okay. Yeah. One of my golfers air really? My very first program that I ever was on was on Owen Span show. And the constant calls were nothing but gophers, Gophers, gophers and some this gala phones up from Seattle, and she says, No, she was local. And then her sister lives up in Seattle, and she said Well, my sister has the best results she puts X elects down the hole. And then I said, Well, I certainly going to keep him on the run. And the program went to hell. After that. I don't want to keep the Bob Thanks again. Alright. Thankyou, Bob, you take care. Sandy is in Sunnyvale high. There's of Sandy. Hi. How are you today? Yes line made to listen. In your moment in the moment I remember why I called you now. OK? I'm sorry. And my figs the last few on the tree are exploding. From the inside out. And they're not ripe but of you know where their little belly button is. They explode from there. And see all the beautiful Burgundian. Well, yeah, the blossom. Yeah. The blossoms is inside. Yeah, exploding. Have you changed the water situation at all? No. You told me not to water. My fig tree. Okay? Who loves good girl Don't want him. I didn't good. Then that shoots that answer. I thought about I don't water, You know that. Maybe maybe the skin would Get the water, but so does the inside and wouldn't that make more explode? Yeah, it would. So you don't buy not watering. You're in good shape. What I Sandy? I don't know. Basically, it's an answer. Um Other than they just, you know, maybe shouldn't be harvested rather than just sit on the tree. When they're hard..

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