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World's best health care bioethicist Dr Ezekiel Emanuel profiles and compares eleven countries health care systems to figure out which one works best there's no clear winner but he does highlight Germany the Netherlands Norway in Taiwan as strong contenders and when it comes to considering healthcare reforms in the U. S. the manual believes they should emphasize primary care and he's in favor of calls for universal coverage this hour we'll talk to a manual about the book and we'll also get his take on the latest coronavirus news that's all next on form join live from NPR news on Giles Snyder house Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler is confirming democratic plans to issue a subpoena to Attorney General William Barr we have begun the process it takes prices we've begun the process issue that subpoena yes it is very much true we are we are doing that and they're speaking there in an interview on MSNBC Monday night saying Democrats will seek to compel bars testimony following the removal over the weekend of the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan the panel's ranking Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio so as far as willing to testify voluntarily once a pandemic is over White House is defending the president's use of what amounts to a xenophobic slur to describe the corona virus at the rally over the weekend impairs Asia Roscoe reports said trump is also facing criticism for suggesting that testing for the virus should be slowed down White House press secretary Kaylee McEntee says president trump was simply linking the corona virus to the country where it was first detected when he pointedly used the phrase Kong flu what the president does do is point to the fact that the origin of the virus is China it's a fair thing to point out as China tries to ridiculously rewrite history mac in any also argued that trump was joking about the media when he said he directed his administration to slow down testing for the corona virus isn't trump has repeatedly noted that more testing leads to uncovering more cases health experts have said that increased testing alone cannot explain the rising cases across the country I Shasta in PR news president trump is leaving the White House in the morning for a trip to Arizona another corona virus hot spot is scheduled to be in Yuba the highlight a key promise he made in twenty sixteen he'll be visiting the wall under construction at the border he's also to speak to supporters in Phoenix Florida has had a coronavirus milestone with one hundred thousand confirmed cases the state is one of those seeing a surge in new cases as NPR's Greg Allen reports Florida set a new record Saturday with nearly forty seven hundred cases Florida governor Rhonda Sanders says there's a disturbing trend the virus now is spreading largely among young people in their twenties and thirties in April the median age of those testing positive for the corona virus was sixty five now the Senate says in some Florida counties it's under age thirty but our cases are shifting any radical direction younger even as the number of cases rise there are some positive trends in Florida fewer people are being hospitalized for covert nineteen the governor says and plenty of beds and ventilators are available statewide and for seven weeks the number of deaths from the coronavirus has been going down Greg Allen NPR news Miami financial markets in nature rebounding after the White House clarified that the initial trade deal with China is still intact there have been a selloff following comments from a top White House adviser who seem to suggest that the deal was over this is NPR news seven Americans have been fined in Alberta Canada over the past week Dan carpenter reports tickets were handed out for violating public health rules for the corona virus the fines twelve hundred dollars each were given to American travelers would stop near lake Louise for long hikes in the park even though the Canada US border is closed to non essential travel there are exemptions American citizens can travel through Albert on their way to Alaska but they must show they are traveling for essential reasons such as going to their homes or for work Canada's border services agency says they must also be free of any covert nineteen symptoms and once inside Canada they must avoid contact with others remain in their vehicles as much as possible avoid staying at hotels and use drive throughs for food lying to border agents would carry a much stiffer fine and could result in a ban from returning to Canada for NPR news I'm Dan carpenter can Toronto the funeral for ray shard Brooks is set for Tuesday he's a black man killed during a struggle with police outside a fast food restaurant in Atlanta people lined up for a public viewing Monday at Atlanta's historic Ebenezer Baptist church meanwhile the Atlanta journal constitution is reporting that a bond hearing for the police officer charged with fatally shooting Brooks has been delayed because it coincided with Brooks funeral Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan says officials are working with the community to bring in occupied protests on to an end following two shootings over the weekend one of them fatal Durkan says the violence is distracting from changes sought by peaceful protesters following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis of protesters took over the area more than two weeks ago on.

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