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Guys. What's that I'm crystal Lamar I am the host of Crystallize Beach? Podcast as well as the head writer for never near stomping ground blog and I started this because I know how difficult it is to come up in the music industry and I wanNA give these new artists of boost and give them a platform where they can make a name for themselves. And I've worked with some really great artists and we have some phenomenal artists to come so definitely subscribe to our channel and keep checking us out. What'S UP MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS? We feature a new up and coming male hip hop artist so definitely go check that out at never near stomping ground blog at never near dot com guys what's up crystallize beats and tonight we will be listening to anxiety by king tragedy and definitely stick around after the song because I have a surprise waiting for you. Thanks Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight's I'd suppose to pieces drove me crazy now. Fight my mouth. Disease is in order to Facial Berge placement that Jesus up and have been so much conflict. I don't wooden pieces up in opening up my mind. Searchable res people behind because they switched to fight the seasons in Lambo been searching for my purpose labels call a couple of times but didn't purchase. Don't you the bottom line is my brand? I WANNA put a game to play when you messed with my favorite breakfast. My whole life.

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