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Veronica could go in. Your message was good too. yes sir. Basically t to encourage about. Y'all is to dow what he is saying. Don't clear that we have. Can you go be certain. He want us to know without a shadow of a doubt that his promises are real as policies are true and as promises goals to his. We are his truly trip. And say abraham because he made the covenant with god we became heirs of abraham you all that he made the unable because we have been drafted e. We have drafted. Why 'cause we have accepted. Jesus christ as lord savior we have. We have been drafted easel. We we give the promises that was to gas sugar. We are guys he wanted to understand. That is destroyed ellen. Everything was not sega. Although you know what. I'm saying come owners like sickness or on tragedy. Ask those loved of the things like that. You know it's the will of god we must realize we must realize entrust the willow double my. It is a sergeant team. Is is an undecided. You don't say we asserted we can't be undecided at in waveland the word of god. We must definitely be certain circumstances to be farmed on conviction that something is the case we have in the case of. What are we gonna do. We know that god is truth..

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