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Wisconsin at number nineteen penn state penn state won sixteen to ten number. Thirteen florida defeated florida atlantic. Thirty five to fourteen number fifteen. Usc defeated san jose state. Thirty to seven number eighteen. I would defeated number seventeen. Indiana thirty four to six number. Twenty washington was defeated by unranked montana. Thirteen to seven last night lisa. Great game happen last night. Number nine notre dame one forty one to thirty eight versus florida state very close game very to the brink in ot Field goal dubbed for The notre dame irish so we got some reaction. We gotta talk about some things we got to see. Why some of these games so close why. Somebody's getting so tough. Why did certain teams lose. That were definitely not supposed to lose matter of fact nationwide. What as a fan. How do we feel is week. one week. Wanted to twenty twenty one college football season as expected. You know a lot took place like i said. Ucla bullied lsu to lane nearly unleashed a comeback or oklahoma at home georgia and clemson anxious. Wisconsin played defensive slugfest Not letting people get in the end zone on both sides of the ball. Fcs's big sky conference scored three wins over fbi teams and a nearly made it four Alabama destroyed oklahoma. I mean Destroyed miami and i mean some of these may seem a little bit while but that's what this is for. It's it's week. One prime time for overreactions. Who so that's why we're here. Excuse me brought gotta have those conversations gotta talk about it to the fullest. Like i said got us from my school. Texas am Playing kent state. Okay now for those. That may have not seen the game when you hear the score. Forty one tenure. Okay at a door pretty good. Oh but it was not that pre of course first quarter first quarter in the first quarter scores. Ten three at that time six eight. I'm only score ten points. They allow can't stay to fill and then no scoring the second from both sides so we went into halftime. Texas halftime. With kent state would score of ten and three. Yes they never. Were a losing situation but should've been this close Hangs king Did solid toddler game. He would twenty one of thirty three two hundred ninety two yards two touchdowns okay Not a second half. We definitely were able to pick it up a bit going into the third scoring seventeen points. Allow them scored final quarter scoring fourteen points allowing them to only score seven. Which is how we got to the final score now. i mean clearly. Jimbo him since he put into kit kit that i wrote for our divided cheney for hometown missouri city texas and guess what that brother had twelve carries for one hundred twenty four yards in two touchdowns sounds familiar. Oh yeah for those. That don't remember if you remember the orange bowl. The one that takes was just in the end of the football season last year versus the university of north carolina. Yeah that kid that came in in a win for touchdowns some big runs in. Won the mvp. Yup that's all right so he's back he's better in i mean even though he's not starter spillers is the starter you have to put respect on this young man's name because he is just so di- namic ra assume have some gray explosive runs and a glad to see him. Just really been successful in that field. If you ask me and i'll say it here. I nevada told a couple of people in person. But i'll say here. I for the people for the public. In order for takes to defeat alabama. I think they're going to have to put the ball in h. Hand eighteen is going to have to put the team on his back to get that dub and he's very capable of the brother is talented. Now let me not overshadow. Nice smith smith had a solid game is will. He had eight receptions for one hundred yards two touchdowns you put those two together as well as as as builder may hanes. King roundabout talamo brother. forty-one points is okay for an opener versus state. I'm a might expect at least now more points up there too same but on top of that i think it's the solid first game for him Just to get warm get get those tests. Plays out the way. Get those you know how people are working. Certain physicians see what adjustments to be made You guys got the pieces. So i'm not too worried. We needed to do a little bit better than that first. Half that we did there definitely had people sweating you know. Oh we're up to like they were in touchdown distance. Tiny game with us. Like jesus christ our but let's talk about somebody else let's talk about. Ucla beating ranked lsu so another one of our sec. Rowell's got to have a conversation by. But i mean let's not even talk about the native. Lsu fallen. Let's talk about ucla okay. 'cause that first game. They looked amazing when they weren't really playing much of anyone but not played a team in the sec. That is in the top twenty five in lsu so our chip kelly ucla bruins the real deal despite a stream of tight defeats ucla. Improved significant last season from seventy ninth in sp plus two forty six combined with one of the highest returning production percentages in the country amd blue-chip transfers like running back zach Charm burnett from michigan and linebacker ali. i mean ale coho out alabama. Ish should have been clear that ucla had a chance of another huge step toward twenty one. After that performance. I mean we gotta be honest. Possibly of going to see them here. Ranked wants to shuffle Changes up because ucla is looking at a little impressive. The size of the forward step however was a mystery in the making these transitions. And if we're being honest it still is quarterback dorian thomas Remains you know question mark to see you know. We don't want to say he's proven after one game. He was just ten twenty against why week. Zero and in twenty pass attempts against lsu. He managed to combine four sex in interception and completion of twenty three thirty five. Thirty six forty rob in seventy five yards plus the ultra aggressive bruins Definitely i mean defense is going to get caught with a cantor punches. In good games okay. that's just how it was gonna be be done. That's it is undeniable. That ucla has some some studs on the lineup are right. So charpenet has nineteen combat russia's in receptions for two hundred seventy two yards in four touchdown so far that is impressive and i believe he's leading a college football in yards after being touched a greg blue. She wanted the nation's most explosive tight tight ends in twenty twenty juke in ran over multiple defenders on a seventy five yard Seventy five yard catch and run. Couchville has broke multiple tackles on his game. Clinching forty five hundred yard score and in the trenches. Ucla pushed in pushed in. Schemed is way to seven point. Three yards per carry for is running backs. Lsu's back up backs averaged two point three. So is ucla really really letting them have it. Like that Guess we'll see. I mean i to see Lease at least one more game right. What am i. You know one more game then from there. I think they'll tell us a little bit more what we really want to see out of them. I mean what we should expect at least See if they are the real deal so you give me one more game like that versus well. I don't know outta who'd really they have left is going to be that big.

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