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Increase on the state's business tax and an increase on the tax on cigarettes by a dollar 65 cents per pack. Almost 1000 people there dying from Kobe 19 complications every day across the country, But the number of new cases reported on a daily basis in the U. S. Is down by 21% since early this month. It's, according to Johns Hopkins University. Mass temperature screenings is now up and running at mean inferences of Bayonne Medical Center Hoboken University Medical Center in Christ Hospital in Jersey City. The thermal cameras can scan up to six people at one time from up to 20 Ft. Away. Also help us if there is a second wave of hope, But this is one of the steps we're taking Teo get prepared. Christ Hospital chief Medical Officer Tucker would says not every positive case presents a fever so anyone her results and an alert would be subject to other screenings. Former New Jersey congressman Dick Zimmer is among a group of former representatives who say they support Joe Biden for president in this second New Jersey Republican across party lines. Former governor of Christine Todd Whitman was part of a video presentation on the opening night of last week's Democratic National Convention. The state Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves Governor Murphy's nomination of Fabiana Pierre Louis The Jersey Supreme Court. The full Senate is scheduled to vote on the issue Thursday. She would be the first black woman to serve on the court if confirmed..

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