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Clusters of Petrus USA. There you go, buddy. I got to tell you on the way home Friday. I stopped in Glyndon. Yes. Little meatloaf Dinner. Last. Fantastic. I gotta say it's really good. She's like gravy. Yeah. Oh, my God Loaded up. I love it. There was a line man course there is a line for that lives. There was a fantastic French will serve you as, say, the 12th hour north location of Fargo. There's a lot of, you know industrial activity up there, So that's a good boy. You go in there. There's a there's a nice line. I like I go there a lot, actually, cause they can Chitchat with so many course Valley City is I 94 exit to 92 Valley City today, beef tips and gravy. Sameer Gravy there scalloped potatoes and ham on special Value City Tater Tot hot dish in Highwood who doesn't love Tater tot hot dish, So come on, and they have the tater tots. Little bit crunchy. So it's just prefer not Mushi. They're they're a little bit kind of crunchy, Uh, Fargo 12,000 north location today. Salisbury Steak and also Tater Tot Hot dish in West Main Avenue, West Fargo. All on specials come with two sides in a bun. Is it? Petrol? Serve us safer, More information. The home of the four for four special Remind me what we all got going today. I should tell you what we all have it going and we have the CEO owe the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. Next our project I am as you can tell excited about. I have been from the get go. And everybody that interact with for the most part, is also excited about a few folks. Didn't totally understand the request for the support from the state. You've got some pretty significant donors have nationally known donors who are fans of Teddy Roosevelt. And they didn't like the fact that there wasn't a Teddy Roosevelt Presidential museum and effort was under way to put it out in New York and and thankfully, some folks here said, no, it should be here. And so then the question was. Is there a commitment to it in North Dakota? Is there a commitment to this? And so a governor Burgum proposed an idea where the legacy fund Based on the tenants of the Legacy fund, and what it was. Designed for in big legacy projects and infrastructure and whatnot, said You know, how about $50 million is used for that. Well, that didn't go over so well. The Legislature And so they ended up taking out. So there is a $50.50 million are committed from the state. But it's in the form of a loan and asked me paid back partially and also some other dollars. That didn't happen in the way of a grand. It was basically you can use this. We're going to put this in a fund and you can use this for the operations. So the interest on the 50 Helps operate the facility. And that's how the state checked the box. Nobody wrote checks that here you go. 50 million Using anywhere you want now mind you as soon as they were able to come up with $50 million. And again through this unique, creative way of using the proceeds. For the operation that triggered You know the effort to go and find 100 million so they could have the initial $150 million. Meanwhile, When this is done, we'll have a Presidential library, which is not a check out the book kind of library. It is a destination. For people from all over the world of study president There's all 19 like it in the world. And the museum that comes with it. Is one of those deals where it's sort like the Medora musical. If you don't go Check that box and say I was there for the year than you know, you're not a true north, according turning your North Dakota card. It's that kind of museum. It's just unbelievable. So we're gonna talk a little bit about That effort with the CEO of the Theatre, Roosevelt Presidential Library and O'Keefe will be here today. Have any questions by the way on that. As I say a little bit of misinformation out there on the on the 50 million and you know I understand people are Very, very spendthrift. When it comes to funds like this, you know, the Legacy fund. That's our rainy day fund. And of course, that looks different today than when this was first proposed given what will come in the next year, but budget wise, we're not terrible shape, like a lot of states in much worse shape, but Anyway, Things will be different. Certainly in examining the proper uses for that going forward. Also do. Wrigley will join us on the show today. Drew is the U. S attorney for the district, North Dakota and we're going to talk about Eric Steven Toe up. Hey, has been charged federally. For his part in the riots in Fargo. Was that matter? Federally, locally state why were you know? District Court? What? Who cares? City Ordinance. What is it was a matter Well, if you if you commit a federal crime generally the Teeth to the federal crime puts you in the crowbar Hotel. Versace. You know misdemeanors. As things get pleaded down. We saw a Dapple a lot. Mean a lot of the Dapple. Wrongdoers were not North Dakotans were not South Dakotans were not people from around here They were. Professional. Anarchists. They were they were ICO terrorists. And so if if you do that, if you jump to protest to protest the protest, you are federally Committing a crime..

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