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Is on. What the heck we move ahead to our next guest a very relaxed next right now. The tough tough fifteen lightweight in the world. It's a little strange because had things gone on the way they were scheduled to. We'd be talking about what happened at USC to forty nine. It's been a bit of a while road for assault but definitely for this man Alex Hernandez Alex how are you? This is the debut of massage table crowded. It goes right now on the table. So we're GONNA real intimate Look today but But Yeah I'm doing good man show and I just got back on the Mega already on the horse. But you know I kind of relaxed reset last week. A little bit with my body. Cool off 'cause you know just the. The toll takes on your body getting ready for camping for that week. So I just didn't things outdoors and start hitting it really hard The ladder into last week and then getting into this week. So got my dude here. There's yes he's he's working on the legs and we're getting back to man. Get back to work today. You see him in a really good place mentally right now. Probably Mo- mostly because of the massage right now. But how have you handled the sort of on again off again happenings with you? See to forty nine and April eighteenth and all that stuff. Yeah I mean that was a rollercoaster ride. You know like I said you know finding itself takes such a toll on you. You know you get the anxiety. The sleepless nights The physical toll the emotional toll and so the the whole the whole thing. I mean it was. It was Miami. It was like You know I am. I mean my own head. Coach fell out at one point. He got sick Thought LIKE AWESOME. Shit at some point where I was just having a fight through and and just train but every time I'd start revving up I get like insanely nauseous and really hot and so I mean getting tested. It's difficult really worry about that. Shit but I I just I mean it's like we were all kind of dropping at one point But again you know my employer in my opponents weren't really Pandering the fear or you know adhering to really any of the laws or any of the like a pandemic was going on at all so we just had a kind of on this Mountain of optimism. You Know Kinda keep that perspective with a UFC and Just push through you know not be a bitch and and that that's what I did and I got a fuck load better in the last two months. I mean I've been. I've been in Cambodia since you know since January I it seems so I hard for a long time now and And I've radically improved and I kind of justified or sort of confirmed that to myself. Isn't these last few days taking off resetting And not wearing a worrying about an opponent so much an event and just coming in having some phone with the guys in the gym. Really good to get in here. So we're kinda open the doors a little bit and And just ran through everybody. Just follow these poor bastards teammates just got humbled so that felt good. If you take the blinders off. Have some fun and just Just fuck people up I I am. I am in a pretty good Pretty good space are now. I've got a good workplace Before me right now and I've got a bunch of eager guys. I ready to get back in the gym So yeah we're not. I mean we've already kind of got over the whole idea and I'm just looking for the next thing now. The last time we spoke you were actually in the Middle East for that fighters for freedom tour and you were talking about viewing things in a different light through that experience. You know what the soldiers deal with overseas things. You may have taken for granted but I think the most important thing to you was being able to form your own opinions about a lot of these different global topics and not going along with the perceptions of others like looking back. How much is that? Experience helped you when it comes to the corona virus. And what's going on in the world right now? I mean so much I mean mild thing and it's kind of like a philosophy that transcends everything is that like stagnation death like like movements life. You need it and so for me. My biggest thing was like I'm just not going to pander to these fears and insanity that people are running with like I'm just GonNa keep letting my life these act saying. That's exactly what I did like. I train the same. I operate the same pretty much every capacity that Iran. The only thing was going to the the grocery store you know felt like apocalyptic now or whatever you know it's like a like the fucking world was about to burn down but but other than that like I stated my bubble always home gym home gym training partners. Fortunately it seems like Brazilian. Just don't give a fog so I I had the all the crew there you know we were. We were getting things done Pretty much the same and it was It was good. We just I just didn't I. Didn't you know indulge the fears? I just kept moving. I kept working and when I got sick I just kept working and Now fucking eighth. I should update Kobe's probably trying to deal with me right now. Figure out like the NFL to conquer my shit. I probably talked about so. I'm not I'm not I'm not like I'm just not worried about it. And and the more you know information comes out with the ratios death ratios and people start kind of realizing that we've been categorizing everything into this cove umbrella. You know the more I hope people kind of be like okay. This isn't maybe everything is cracked up to be is not the in. The world is not something to like really even hide from you know. Just just take care of yourself like like like anything else helps found within you know and And so I think we just need to operate assaults ourselves take care of ourselves beer best version of ourselves before we go. I don't know pointing fingers. Creating proxy conspiracies. Or whatever the fuck else like you just take care of yourself. Get back on track a lot and And so I think I think that helps. I mean without do with the Middle East thing I think is being level headed. You know just maintaining a level one. You mentioned that you were sick. Your coaches sick. Do you think I don't know if he got tested? You mentioned things about testing and really get into it too much. Do you think you had it at all or do you think you just my dad's my head coach did Abbott and breathing that dude's air. So maybe I did yeah Maybe by just fucked it out decision. I had to get ready for a fight. That's what I was GONNA do. I said that's what I was going to do. And that's what I did in the best shape of my life so I'm ready to Take on whatever challenge are ready to fight any opponent that's available here in the states. I'm ready for whatever I guess you know you're talking about. I guess maybe just perspectives and things like that with that trip or any other trip. I've done honor just One thing that I was able to do was have understanding and sympathy for The Russians leaving prematurely. I mean if they left me maturity but maybe they didn't you know those flight bans are coming up the likelihood. The fight was was slim. You know dim dim outlook for sure and then ended up happening anyways and so I have to go back to their country and get back to their. You know their homes their families. I can understand that and so for it wasn't something that I liked dwelled over. It wasn't something like talked on. I just got back to it. And and my flip. Yeah makes you deal with me? Did but yeah I was just. I was just ready for the next thing. So that's that's what we did. Yeah I thought it was kind of interesting because you know the market chef fight was the one that was lineup and then once we figured out he was off the card. Omar Morales was slated to be your new opponent. I mean he's undefeated at a great win on the contender series got to win in the UFC. No disrespect to Omar but to go from top fifteen guy to a surging prospect. Like Omar. Were you happy with that match up because I was a little surprised to see that name? If we're being honest here and that goes back to the rollercoaster ride and I just had to like this camp was able to take over my mind and kind of get back to this cavalier state of not giving a fuck at all I was. I was training and prepared to fight like a man who had nothing to lose. I wasn't worried about shit and so You know there's a fight on fight off okay now. My opponents out of the country for sure out. Okay now I don't have a location. I don't have an opponent that goes by for a whole week. Try not to check out then. Okay now we got a list of names. I thought Michael Johnson was going to be the name and then the next day it was like this. Is Omar Morales Guy? You got ten minutes. Do you want him or not. Okay what happened the other ones? Those other guys are off the table. Do you want sky? Not I mean fuck you I wanna fight so just give me the guy. I don't care who it is. Just give me the guy okay. This guy's got the Guy Meikeljohn. Scotty Guy Everybody got guy they lined up the car and you know and then one week before fell out but it was just you just had to be malleable and and roll with the punches. You know multiple whatever you know everything else because all I can do is try and and and sometimes that's not even really picking your opponent is just who you got able and who do they want you to fight and it seemed like that's who they wanted me to fight so what. I was going to do by the same token though I've never had an opponent that wasn't top fifteen guy I've ever got fought since I've entered the AFC. And I didn't come off of you know another giant organization just came out of fucking you know the with a humble record of under ten fights everybody that I fought At the time assigning was top fifteen ranked opponent. You know. Even if they weren't by the time we actually got to the card. What we were negotiate. They.

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