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Then she's like stop it you're good look i don't wanna like you i o j and it was hard for her and then she ended up okay you're charming oj but to me it's like meeting i saw tex watson he was five feet from me you know he's six eight older guy good looking guy i'm sure he's charming in his own way but he slaughtered sharon and her friends like i i can't suspend that that that to me like oj sliced up ron and nicole that's it done barn i don't care how charming good looking funny i can't get over it so if he does come have to leave i'm gonna call in sick i can't i don't know how i would i how do i suspend i guess as a journalist you sort of have to but whoever called me that here's the other thing and this is also why i feel differently about oj than i do about leslie van houten what leslie van houten did was a random act of violence that could happen to any of us were you just pick a house at random and you go i'm going to go and kill who's in there that's what manson did he pointed to his killers to go to those homes oj is one of these really jealous spouses okay he's a threat to his spouse and he's a threat to ronnie thinks is having sex with a spouse okay but he's not a threat to the public at large i get that but here's the difference if you're a threat to your spouse and to anyone who's i don't think that he premeditated to kill ron that night i think random horrible timing on bronze part so we know what he's capable of of doing things randomly he's he's capable of killing someone randomly because he had to i know what you're saying you're saying what are the odds of him coming out and doing it to society you're absolutely right but it doesn't to me it doesn't negate the fact that he's never paid for what he's done he paid for his heisman not that's what that was you know nine years whatever it wasn't prison but i don't know i just have a real problem with it you don't think you could interview him without going off on them not going off just i'm just disgusting he's a double murderer in gillians is and so i look at his eyes too yeah and so i would be looking at his hands and thinking you took two lives away that were i mean my god she was what thirty six and ron was twenty four so i would be looking at his hands thinking those hands those destructive hands took lives i i you know how i am with murderers i'm brutal brutal no question about it who isn't i would think except maybe she state of california just one entire state that's all but the judge denied leslie parole today so there's there's still hope put one of the win column for the good guys i see i'd be driving by the palm aniko team and that's not john's cars what the hell i should've gone today it's time to play what the.

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