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God from the oath. Yeah. Well, guess what they dropped that because of an outcry from the Republicans the Republicans are obviously had a big bit over this. So the Democrats backed away from dropping so help me God from the okay, I'll give you the background on that story. Just a minute after we wrap this on what's going on Santa Barbara. But as I mentioned, you know, the first amendment not only protects freedom of speech and religion. But also expressly prohibits laws that establish a religion. Now. Nineteen fifty five an act of congress added that phrase to the pledge of allegiance one nation under God one nation under God. Okay. It because of how the the first amendment is set up you can either use that in the the pledge of allegiance or you don't have to you know, it's fine either way. And if he objects to that, they'd great it can be eliminated. Would he says that's part of his, you know, objection to the pledge of allegiance, but he says it's full of white nationalism. And it's racist to which we have yet defied and he has yet to defined now. There's a professor over there. Professor Celeste barber. Not a fan of his decision to ban the pledge of allegiance when she appeared before the board to criticize the ban a group of student. Protesters began shouting at her attempting to drown her voice out, quote, you're an elected body at a public institution and a public institution serving the community college. What what she was saying during the meeting when you recite the pledge of allegiance, you are recommitting your oath to uphold the defend this country's constitution. Hey, she said it better than I just did, you know, a former student at the Santa Barbara City College told the campus reform that Miller's decision is proof that the college does not care about American values, quote, all it really is was proof in print that they officially disregard America. The students said. This is there also it also in great disregard of the constitution. This is why we are having these battles. This really a great institution, this particular, college Santa Barbara City College. But why would they embrace removing all of the different aspects from the pledge of allegiance with this is really a first amendment issue. Why don't they openly embrace the second amendment, which they obviously don't if they're so enamored by the constitution. Let's have that out to which that'll probably be next week's meeting meeting at the school board. There's the second amendment but white nationalism in the pledge of allegiance what what could they ballooning to heal? When I saw this story this morning. I started reciting it in my head over to gore. I pledge allegiance. Listen to their pellagra, which is to has one nation under God tuner bungalows. I I can't find it in there. I mean, it's I think it's in this guy's imagination. Now, the the house very quickly drafted new committee rules expected to be approved this week would strike so help me God from the oath that with this take before they testify before the testify before the house committee on any issue. You know, when somebody's sworn in and this all fell apart today because the Republicans just flat would not allow it. So the Democrats backed off on striking. So help me God from the oath one takes to give testimony. That's bid of a tradition for. I don't know. How many years, you know, whether you believe or don't believe it's just something that we do and we say, and it's been widely accepted as the way that it's done. Would you swear in so buddy, you know? Now, if the phrase had been cut, the house will have asked witnesses to state, do you solemnly swear? Or affirm under the penalty of law that the testimony you're about to give is the truth the whole truth and nothing, but the truth. So help me you're all waiting for that that would have that would have been left out. But this full committee vote of the elimination of SoHo God. Going to happen because the Republicans let the Democrats have it even though the Republicans are the minority. Now, the Republicans were.

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