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A a a real pleasure and by the way i enjoyed reading every page of your book are you a good idea even some of those pages led i disagreed with an and and found challenging now lemme lemme first go to the fact people say conscience of a conservative i read that book before and that's by barry goldwater right that's purely coincidence right that echo idea now i i've in arizona i occupier feat that barry goldwater added attackers or senator mccain i view because he he helpful effort guide and the fed at but a nineteen creek ekfeldt conservative republican party has been compromised by them who theo and he felt kirk no blueprint neither could be put out there for what a conservative believe that's when he wrote the conscience for the conservative and i go there were fifty six fifty seven years later and i i feel that the conservative movement has been compromised now by different forces and so i thought at her the write a book and at a good at an army a could barry goldwater and you you say title you say in in in the book that you at times ask yourself what would barry goldwater do yeah what would barry goldwater do right now well i i think we're at cricket question there at one was what would you do about her a country that knoller five gets out of trade deal turns its back on free trade or what about a country that occur were leader that was nice things about their creator and and what a country that countenance who their behavior and decorum or lack of decorum but i think would have made assault blush just a few years ago i i think that certain things that the frozen under turner certainly conservative great supreme court justice could could pick on the court uh but some of the behavior and and demeanor and policies are profoundly on conservative let let me read for folks a passage from your book and we've posted on our website it's a cold conscience of a conservative a rejection of destructive politics and a return to principle the author is one of the most conservative members of the united states senate somebody i looked it up who has a lifetime american conservative union ray aiding of 93 he has a.

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