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Massive cyber attack on U. S government agencies president has suggested without evidence that China may have played a role. All this is bar announced new charges against a third suspect in the bombing of Pan Am Flight One of 3 32 years to the day. Let there be no mistake. No amount of time or distance will stop the United States. And our Scottish partners from pursuing justice. In this case bar steps down on Wednesday. He's being replaced in an acting capacity by his deputy, Jeff Rosen, The House and Senate. Both are set to vote today in a roughly $900 billion pandemic relief package. It includes $600 stimulus checks and $300 in weekly jobless benefits through March. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls it a first step as different from bills that had been proposed on the Senate side by the Republican leader. It does things that his bill never did. And that is it addresses the food needs of the American people. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tells CNBC. Those $600 checks could go out next week before he leaves office. President Trump is leaving his mark on Washington's look. He's signed an executive order making classical architecture, the preferred style for federal buildings. The order stopped short of mandating it only saying federal buildings must be Beautiful global news 24 hours a day on errand on Bloomberg. Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts to more than 120 countries. I'm Nathan Hager. This is Bloomberg. Why do I get to Macy's last minute Gifts sail and take an extra 20% off Amazing gifts for everyone on your list with your coupon or Macy's.

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