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Field. And It's just incredible. How you and push alarming and all the other coaches in getting guys from all over the world. And turn them into men and Record aside. It's more than just about football, and I hope those fans were louder than the one to complain about losses because it's more than just football and coach farm and show that every game every day. And I just wanted appreciate you and thank you for bringing him on as a coach, because those those kids or boys are our men, and it shows. Thank you, TJ. Well said, and currently appreciate you. And the truth of the matter is the same could be said for you. We appreciate your support What you do for our country and your service. And we thank you. And that is a credit to John. Because I think it was Luke that had mentioned it before, in their view, and he mentioned it again today. You know, Coach was much more than a coach to him. You know, he always Um, you know, taught those young men life life lessons each and every day. He's definitely a special person. And he did a remarkable job with those guys and he is missed. And you're right. T J There was definitely Something missing Saturday. We we all did our best to cover that up into Overcome it, but he was messed and you know, we have to move on now. I think it was Um, you know, really Nice Memorial service, and I hope it helps Lian and I hope it helps those those little kids and I hope it helps our players morn in And have some closure. And now it is time to move on. And John would be the first one to tell you that and that's what we all must do, but appreciate your kind comments and And John did a remarkable job and will continue to build on his legacy and to and to honor him. Thank you, T J That had to be the easiest higher you've ever made. When you call John Sharman. Yeah, it really is. It's a five minute conversation. You know, Um Well, you know it through my discussions with Neil. Um, Neil and I had met and talked, you know, several times, And so when Neil and I were coming to an agreement for him to come in a zoo coordinator, obviously. John was already with him, and then you do the background on John. And it's a no brainer. So there was very, very easy. You know, Once I got the recommendation from from Neil, and once I look into John and call other people and look at his resume and then have a conversation with him, it's very, very easy. Was great, higher. Uh, you know, I could remember, uh, you probably can to how many times the we catch heat about our line, and that's a great example. I'm not lecturing fans, that's for sure. Because God knows I needed something to me. You know, I'm going to be I need to be Yeah, choke sometimes, but but, you know, also, there are times when you have to understand. You have to be patient. There's a there's a ram and a reason for things in early on, everybody was going for No, our struggles. Well, I mean, you have to build the program. You have to get players today. I got the physically developed a mentally developed them and John did a remarkable job. And I'm so proud to have more staff for so long. And once you get the right guy doing the right things, then you like right now. It's just kind of, you know, sustaining itself. It is and you know We want them, You know, T develop leadership when we want them to take it on and teach the younger guys, you know, And so you know that Z. You know what's happening? That's what you're starting to see. You know, something probably get talked about enough with everything that was going on Saturday is You had to do some shifting in your offensive line. Several places you have to shift around something Saturday, but you had Austin dots and making his first start, and Quincy Wilson essentially played the whole the whole game. But no, Luke wanted to be out there. Luke wanna be out there, but he couldn't hang. But one play in the N Yeah, he couldn't Quincy and Austin. I mean, Russia or 300 yards with two new guards thought they really did a good job. I mean, they You know, they did a good job and filled in as best they can, But, you know, um, they, you know there's things that we could clean up. But again, it's a credit to John and all these guys and they could be flexible..

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