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Nhl studios along with brandon swell march bringing granola were company alive from the twelfth floor the galleria building here in denver colorado and this is your second intermission report after forty minutes of hockey the avalanche lead the blackhawks by a score of three to one fun kind of wild hockey game the avs have thirty one shots through two periods the blackhawks have twenty six so it's kind of a wow frisky kind of hockey game there in the windy city tonight plenty to get to your second image we'll go around the nhl tell you right now that they're already there's one really good final for the avalanche the capitals ended up beating the stars in regulation and we certainly like that when it comes to the western conference playoffs standing so we'll go over that check out all the scores but first let's go unless the highlights from the second period is hockey game so brent seabrook score on the power play in the first period chicago one nothing lead after one in the second period right out the gate fifty one seconds in old friend andreas martensson was called for slashing on jt copper so the avs go on the power play and they do this gloss is path carpool they shot say rebound free alexander car power play goal has he rips at home from between the circles it's been a long time coming for alexander kerr foot the rupee clean shop in the slot as he got the rebound settled down and rips at home for sixteenth goal of the season alexander kerr foot from colin wilson and samuel girardi to seven that comes on the power play were all tied up one one but not for long three minutes after that the avs top line doing things once again how about meco rent in scoring his twenty six of the season for berry got it into the hawk zone for holding looking cross ice kit pulled look.

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