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Face mosque. And than deep tissue and joint mobility massage. is that right Why thank you make yourself comfortable. And we can begin fast treatment outside. It's beautiful out there isn't it. I waste love the island this hour. The sun is a little cooler as it begins to send everyone in the room read lacks in this place. Sleep here somehow. Detaille who quick. I want to be using botanical face. Mosque who designed to sue appear. I and hydrate. The skin vis formula is great at extracting toxins from the body. The currently inflaming skin unlike claim. You don't need turns this formula off after application. You can allow it to be leah absorbed by the skin who whilst i is across your forehead gently pie. Prussia te'o prow ink cartridge muscles face. Terra lacks cool pink inning. Rich youth named your skin. Ooh i Branch yawn he should almost being able to email. Your pause of takes entire mass. The formula in to the skin round the bridge feulner teaser. Tens to congested area or a lot of people It's what paying more attention now. Spread the moms How across the talk of your cheek. I'm use and oh facial massage technique cover as techni proof even to increase. Putt a can quit. Hinton steel skins production of college. Who can you feel the fit men and mineral infusion beginning to see in your skin i can already seeing your complexion as sh- cooling formula in your cheek and across your chin. I'm going to begin. He press hang knife. Pinkas the muscle of your jaw per try to release the tension my fingertips and how your lower jaw. Hang to your tongue. Oh away from the roof young joy cooling feeling. The fetterman ends hang. And you've enacting your skin as use him a lie. A t in auctioned pratt thin. Notice how he his completely free from palliation rash. Y'all of any talks on your perhap- chemicals expelled from you'll putty deep refresh. You began fan me inside out now that we've finished plying your mouse. Let's head inside film massage. Ooh i see some rain clouds combing stand up. Take time and me. I this well too much. I've always found the sound of rain. Relax especially out. In a fella on water like the steady pat a raindrop. Hang of the ashton. Hugh shelly sense as to sleep. Why thank you stretch. How from on the massage table. I'll get everything ready crate now. Y'all all settled. I'm going to can by applying an hoyle steals can this one contains the essence laffin. The sh- sweet should hell up your census and relax yaupon unjust going gently and cross the span of your show who might feel a little cold. Pa you warm up to in no time to allow me to spread low at now to your spine and how skin protects your to. I'm going to hang cap the tiniest in palm my hand now. what on that. Ooh i'm just tongue backs of your and the space signed her as well. How we can pecan send your attention to shelter. Pay going take hold of now. Chen squeeze high pressure. I want you tense up. Muscle spin mike palm one surround tang shoulder. Play tae breath in ten now cy. How in as unilat- of tension and feel my hands lease to how much loose And light up a pass fail my hands. I'm going to gradually gin walking in muscle. Your shown loosening need the palm of my hands the pine quayle In four from your potty long hell ten hunt your side have you net way off or hat hang. Excuse de-pa hin to cushion supporting tench and in your show tests tests the pain. I your tail off. Wei mattress pella I hi han. In to the muscles of your net chen he roleo all hat. Laugh to right and back came. Ing cushions spinney. He mass such hang the muscles of your prow as you on your hat sai assigned how how long i really grief hang hand deep and then let us go hat once more in the cushions beneath i can johnny down your pat king my In the hole on either side of your spinal column try fish high. Ceo potty coming in to alignment. He'll space between your cut. Pray link neck Long with a nas off. That's poor haas here. How earlier pat extra creates a new openness in your shot and down yopat. I run my fingers along the thin muscle between of your end. Hit whole read. I'm creating space the expansion of your lungs now Wrath and email the extra you how breathe into as you si- ow he'll my hands around your rib cage and they pressing them pack and guiding you to push muir Ira i move. Hang the presc- a meal rick. Kay he should in meet here expansion of your as you take. Ooh how much team pie. Your naturally pref- and now the presh- Of my hands on how much easier and your partying into helping your chance. Go from your. He'll open now halt My attention of yours. Pine the muscle keep us port in and need my in your path. Can the dench in canning. Your muscles often tires release in our convenient pick. We're leaving tench. An in your head. Unconsciously peeve pull staw hench and anxiety head when strategy warn tau you lean notice your jaw. Clench hang tight. Do the same thing happens in your head It's hot tie muscles short and the tench can only really if you like ton onto your kin to you of some of the cost train. I'm cha taking all of your ankang. Ooh yanni Two right now Going to begin by circulating your him my. He'll an coach earl hang through. Its reign rush pa time while Food rolling your insult koreans in any clay tench how to of choice. I'm sure why you feel how free time high sack the move through choice as To same same now use my ro yawn rain mission left hang yakubov how and serse likely. Yeah i signed hill to hire weight them. Oh pays in my tench. He will be a paul release from joy On hem holding on to me. And your ankle you. I'm going to begin slowly. Cath hang tossed with all of them. I know compete difficult to complete a home muscle as you go hang boon to horns your head out. How an pat us. His past he tench and out of your hip packs and church now that we peeved time. I'm sure y'all ready canning note. How own motion. His increase to of penn tench. He hunter haning. Oh hey y'all head sinning and relax. I who straight your lag. How they tau home. The pat now i he lunka up Extra two inch pen offense having long hip pike's s allen. Thanks how i walk him on your lack of ood eight to my hand and then hoy the healing yawn ankle whose name growing in motion. I heard jane poor. Who ooh now. If you're showing as lax hough all ooh way go a home of ima hip joint brain hat white too. why you how me and your Strat o and ennio connected you by join. got to take your own band. Who how nice. You can't take Your party to this. Hey pain create new. How long how. Heavy and lack steel muscles own. Tench you from party stress your for meal. I who his call and mental stress entangle often no help the koreans There's off now. The party is free of tench mine convenience in tain 'tis p who have not to know he may serve tain this time to exist to Help view trou- cut. You can't tell you here on eve. You you've more on Own own.

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