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With the financial impact of covert nineteen musician pink detailing her emotional coronavirus journey with their three year old more from fox's Michelle Paulino visited the Ellen show virtually and described in detail her and her three year old battle with corona virus telling Ellen that they are both doing okay this week but the symptoms were different from what you've heard I kind of had the chills a little bit I felt nauseous but I never had a fever I never have what they tell you to look for a forty year old who described herself as fit as a fiddle center son was sick first then she got sick she tried calling her doctor who informed her there wasn't much she could do except stay home this is the scariest thing I've ever ever been to him well I think the guitar for the worse when paying assassinate woke up and couldn't breathe and had to use a nebulizer for the first time in thirty years Michelle we know fox news coming up in money news certain tech development is getting a boost because of the outbreak it's eleven fifty four Montgomery county's pesticide laws changed most weed and feed products and other synthetic pesticides and herbicides are banned learn more at Montgomery County MD dot go forward slash lawns hi everybody it's Chris core we're all spending a lot more time in our houses these days and I know the last thing you want is to spend money but if you have a problem with your roof like a leak or missing shingles you can't just ignore it I talked to my friends at Ruth masters and here's how they will do their part Routemasters is now offering thirty six months no interest financing that's it no hidden fees no tricks straight talk and if you can't afford a whole new roof they will do their best to repair your existing roof of course they say if you need roof work done always get three estimates just make sure one of the three is from Ruth masters but honestly I don't know how anybody could beat this.

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