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Tony Kemp Kevin pillar Christian yelich, and Eric themes, or the four players who had combo meal since our last show. Probably not much to say about camp Palomares just a batting average on base drag, but he ended up with fifteen in homers, fifteen steals yelich currently leading the league in home runs and stolen bases. Last time that happened seems awfully rare to me, and Eric Fame's, who I mean he's just is not turning it around. He's thirty five home. Runs last season. And now he's available and every league amazing. It is. And they're using them pretty smartly. They worked him in here initially from the, the righty lefty platoon going on with Aguilar. And I think we're gonna see more of times if you keeps this up and yellow, just showing no signs of stopping what he's doing his, his numbers over the last, like what hundred six games like fifty something homers in two three seventy batting average, like Anne running like he doesn't even need basis. And he's doing it. It's amazing. What he's like you're. Question about the, the league leader in both categories just because we think we're still in basis were, if you flash back twenty years ago, twenty plus years ago, it would be tough to do that. Ricky Henderson didn't have a prayer of doing what was the last time? Anybody led the league in both? I, I don't know. And we got a tweet today from our friend, Tom, the internet said that yelich top three in all five of the player raider categories, that's got to be something we've never seen before this. Would not be shocked. If trout had a year where he qualified as top five. I'd have to I'm gonna I'm gonna have to dig that one up. But it's gonna take a little time. All right. Let's move it on now. And let's talk about the closers in the carousel. Cavs. Okay, who do we need to discuss here? I car knows I think so because cross Martinez got two inning. Save on Sunday. But Jordan Hicks was was warming up Martinez just didn't throw that many pitches in the eighth inning. And it was the Mets there was like no threat at the bottom there lineup. Although they had pinch hitters coming up. I thought it was a bit odd. Like, why would you have Hicks warm-up warming up? It's not like hitching a game. But like I've seen it with the Phillies like penny Schick, a warm up and that they view that as an actual outing, I don't think Hicks is losing the job. I think it's I think he's still there closer, the now one of the things that makes me curious about Martinez, is that I know he has said and I do believe the cardinals have given hint to this that it's the rotation for him pretty soon, really. I just read this over the weekend, I'm trying to put This new. chart mentioned that he is expressed it. My understanding is at least, you know, and it's possible that people are passing on information, second hand and they're interpreting, interpreting his words for the teams words, but there are hints, that they're going to work and back towards the rotation in the second half. Do you drop way? Davis of the Rockies. That's the guy thought we would. Most. No, I think that was just one of those weird series and I think he's going to be alright on the road, but I, I am alarmed here, Scott over expen- fine behind him, you know, I mean it was just one of those weekends. Of course field they happen. I mean they shouldn't happen, but they do that was crazy. He was hit hard in the ninth inning. But again, it was like a golf ball pounding like a pinball machine. It was crazy. What was going on there? I still Wade Davis gets more than. Twenty five saves a season up to thirty see that happening. Like I've been saying for well over is better than Davis. But, you know, the Rockies don't care about that 'cause they're paid in that way. You know, when you pay those closer contracts, you gotta give him saves..

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