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Eight seven seven 44 mitch what you think of the halftime show did you have a strong opinion about a do you understand why people are upset about him singing with or and this is one thing singing with prince and the other thing is why was he there and janet jackson wasn't eating never occur and in the brain but apparently if you remember back to the infamous performance of janice jackson janet jackson who was she was the lead the up right ain't raw she brought him out she audio announced and here reform the song with her and they had the wardrobe malfunction at the end quarter where he was supposed to idaho what are his lows epi and her in her breast and nipple was exiled and brain yes it was ray of the video queued up radio thea he will hiring people make so much at at the i was at that super bowl too and nobody there had a clue that this had happened you simply be able to break after an errant stare magnifying lenses telephoto and all that but oh this destroyed her career and justin timberlake should never have come back row without inviting heard at comeback as if justin timberlake a quick runs the super bowl why are you should also said judge justin timberlake should never have come back unless one he brought janet jackson back with him and two he got to throw at least two passes for the eagle i mean it is not charged to the show they asked him he did it what is the big deal that he even invite janet jackson how many years ago was that was two thousand four seven one case atat another team in years old why is this his problem how do people come up with were on a guy to curb heyman by the diet coke is period you know those one hundred six million people thought it had two hundred six none of the number one hundred six so timid and have you sell like up more records as a result of the first.

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