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You just can't take your eyes off of. And he's sitting that way to entire season. We looked at this team with Alex Smith, and they were really good. But now, they're they're really chiding represent a whole lot different Patrick Mahomes to step in and do what he's done has just been awesome. Lastly tonight, Monday night football. We can all spend Christmas Eve with James Lofton on the radio Broncos. Listen, this is still a fierce rivalry. And I know there's nothing on the playoffs. But I would imagine. These teams are still going to come out and throw haymakers at each other. Oh, yeah. A couple couple things to watch their cars. Having a really good year despite their overall record is pleasing percentage ways, protecting the football. And then Philip Lindsey the undrafted running back out of your Colorado nine hundred ninety one yard. So maybe third rookie running back who's been undrafted and Lee just three to break thousand yards. Dominic grows did it in two thousand one and the Garrett blunt that oh, I think maybe two thousand nine or seven I might have my numbers off a little bit. But so that's a quite an accomplishment for undrafted sue small and not big enough to play in the NFL. When you leave the Coliseum tonight look up wave to the big guy in the sleigh up in the sky, and we will be listening tonight, James Lofton. Appreciate your time here on the richeisenshow. Thanks so much happening. Not later. You got a great stuff there from James Lofton as he mentioned. It's it's sort of stood the test time in the NFL. You get to this point of the year. They're certain teams that are. Playing than others that you do not wanna play which is what I talked about with the Philadelphia Eagles even Minnesota Vikings. You know, the Vikings are re emerging out of their midseason swoon one of those two teams is gonna miss the playoffs. And in my opinion. Both of those teams would be capable of winning a couple of playoff games. One of them's gonna miss it. There there is that momentum. The Baltimore Ravens right now. I would not wanna play a team like the ravens because people will compare it to Tim Tibo and Tim Tijuana playoff game, right? Tim. Tebow one is significant playoff game. Lamar Jackson is so dynamic running the football. It's not always pretty you know, watching chargers game on Saturday. There were times on third down where Lamar Jackson tucks it runs right into the teeth. And you think well that that probably wasn't the best way to try to pick up a first down. But there's such a fear there. I guess a bit away. Putting it there such a respect for what? He is capable of doing with his legs that as long as he's just capable of making a few routine passes..

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