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Jarrett would help out but pat and vince where like the two people at one point in the eighties and nineties. Who wrote those shows when he's around given his experience did did you or did you notice other creative team. Members have developed a relationship with them. Did you feel comfortable asking him advice or questions did he. Come to you guys with evaluations. What was the dynamic like. And and the respect level or or or a wall perhaps that was built between those two sides patterson on the team. yeah patterson. I talked to you about this in the torch talk. I mean i honestly feel like patterson with my experience with him and his uncle quoted meetings that this is probably the guy that is most responsible for the success. Wwe vis the way that it's treats him leads me to believe that even more because if pat patterson says something done you wanna do that. Pat done and i think that he built out that that credibility that respect from bids to be able to say i i remember just just for one everyone was against is when we were doing. Nfl season one. And i think at one point you know it started off great and then it was just kinda like and we were in the meeting and it was they set up. He's later versus chris. Jericho jericho is going to go over. And pat patterson speaks opening. Goes you you guys. Want people to talk about this or tune in just have peace later over in it. I remember people producers and and even i think cost ski or whoever was I had to be costly because he was right in the show you know. Why would we do that. Well why not do it and it was it not to say that this was this great plan but just to go to show you and vince said he slater over. There was no argument. everyone was against pat. Pat says it. We're doing it and it's unfortunate that he's not so involved now Because i remember i would have conversations with that and sit down with them in hotel lobbies and just i'd pick him. I mean the stuff that. I that that that i vent to you on your show or on twitter on my website. I i would tibet and we'd sit there and talk for hours and just and he's sit there and go. Yeah i agree with you. I agree with everything you're saying. Are you remember. I can't remember the scenario. But he was so big on. When shameless won the world title. We were getting ready to just immediately. Put it right back on cnn. And he's you you sit here vince. And you want to build new stars. You got keep the title on him to mania. Have them go to mania. Have them win at mania and walk out his champion you know. Why are we putting the title right back on and Obviously that didn't happen. But i mean. Pat is pat had more power not not so much power but if his voice was listened to the product would be in a better situation. I mean he's the guy behind royal rumble. he's the guy behind Not saying that. This was amazing. The scramble i mean you at least. He's at ease innovative still and he tries to do things different and and i remember he would. We would have things where it'd be like. Wow how could we establish a new number one contender. We got a three hour. Show what can we do. I mean pat not even knowing any of this stuff ahead of time. We're just rattle off ideas. Why not do this do this and it was like wow like yes go with that one but you have people who don't want to hear his opinion like brian go words and unfortunately You know pat. Can i think. Vince also has to. But everyone know tat doesn't run the show. I do so everything that he says is not necessarily going to happen but there is a lot of times. It's vince would would say the production meeting would be over and he'd say hey pat stick around and just you know and everyone else would leave and it'd be him and pat talking. I think that is him going back to go and feeling comfortable and feeling like he has the person they're with the right answer. Yeah that was my next question. I was gonna ask is patterson's relationship with brian calvert. 'cause you know brian the new guy and i would think there would be if they didn't have a father son type relationship a mentor protege. Then it would be the opposite then it would be a sense of being threatened That that gourds would feel threatened. Because patterson is regarded as one of the all time great workers one of the all time. Great bookers one of the all time. Great wrestling minds and had a great relationship during a boom period or in expansion period. We'll call it for. Wwf and brian words is what. What about brian guards. Pat patterson gonna respect when it comes to his experience. And i know patterson respects people who drew who were on top. Who had that experience or who have really brings something else to the table. So that was kinda interesting is if the words felt a little threatened or or just not welcome by patterson as You know like pat looking at him like you're the guy who's now in my chair. Yeah and i think that it's easy. Maybe for brian to go that route and go. He doesn't respect me. Because i didn't go through the same trials and tribulations needed did or i didn't break my neck to be able to have the power that i have and i think that's the easy way out but brian rubs people the wrong way and what don't understand. I don't want to say this to you. But i'm just saying i guess ryan doesn't understand. Is that when you make people not like you for who you are. Then they're not going to support you and it has nothing to do with how you got your position because and i draw things to me a lot because i don't like to speak for other people and i know i do on occasion but You know pat had good relationships with guys on creative and me being one of where he would tell me mad. I liked this. Yes we should go with this. Yes you should pitch this or yes. I'll mention this for you but he. I don't think he was a big fan of bryan. Because bryan treats people like they're below him and i just don't get why i think it's complex being this kid who probably had no friends in school getting picked on who's probably never slept with anybody and going. Oh my gosh is the first time in my life. I'm in a position of power. And i'm going to make every single person pay for that and you know what if you're a diva and you're hot you're paying for every girl in the past that turned me down. If your you know the cool guy and your talent you're gonna pay for being that guy that stuff being locker And anyone who even thought me who it had with him all the time i mean i would be the only one who would sit here and go well. It wasn't every week. Sometimes i keep my mouth shut. Because i'm not going to stand up to the guy every single week over an idea but it'd be like hey guys what do you think of my idea and you he gives you this. Look like how dare you not go along with what i wanna do and i think pat will say what he wants to say if he disagrees with brian hill. Say not in these words that idea stupid. You need to try this. And that is the last thing that brian wants to hear. When he's sitting up at the front of the room reading the show research one to attack his work and he comes right back at you to. He'll say something right back at that time. Eating after the show's over he'll he'll address pat and say something condescending to them before pats even said anything. Wow wow so pad would recognize. Brian knows his name but has butted heads with him and doesn't doesn't respect them and when pat shows up it probably means brian's not having good of a day as he had hoped opinion by the way. That's my opinion. yes yes yes. Yes in your opinion. Brian from from what you've observed. Brian not excited on the inside when he sees that. Pat is chosen this weekend. He's going to be around not at all. yeah interesting. cool stuff well Thanks so much. John great insight and You know we think we've tapped for You know all the great stories and then callers come up with great questions and I get to you know. I go go to smackdown and go. Hey i wonder what john would add to that so I think a good show and good contributions and appreciate your insight as always and i know listeners due to give give it a plug to your to your A twitter account and also your blog again place. at john as himself Follow me on. Twitter and a blog is wrestling recalled dot com. Or.

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