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This is not in line did i inside waco a fanatical leader with dozens of followers and he started purchasing huge amounts of weaponry admonition gain of fifty one day standoff with federal agent it is with new details from inside the deadly seed showing up whereas accused philippines puzzle which which version version of of the ice and we cheer guess that plus authorities on the scene reliving the nightmare 25 pierre blayau went away plus lollies game we saw had through these billionaires is just the tip of the iceberg that it will be darn jessica castaignede taking at the any side secretive highstakes hard to can't believe that it's true sorry think that it's something hollywood made up to now this one type cocktail waitress became the multimillionaire polgar says hollywood heavyweights who she says came with a thrill up the game they wanted to fill that that rush on going all lynn and i could foods yeah good evening with the deadly raid that horrified this country an armed apocalyptic religious grouping gauged in a fifty one day standoff with federal agents outside of waco texas their leader david koresh claimed he was the second coming of jesus and tonight 25 years after the fiery in fatal end we have the audio of the negotiations and interviews with survivors this is abc news nigon what began as a fiasco on the twenty eight february ended as a total disaster today twenty nine years ago this april the standoff outside waco texas between a controversial religious group and federal law enforcement game to a horrific again it was our earnest hope that we could try to negotiate without any without endangering in life for fifty one days the protracted confrontation captured the nation's attention becoming the longest running seen in american history ending in the deaths of more than 70 men women and food for some americans this was a legitimate law enforcement operation against them cult that was stockpiling weapons in for others it with uh an overreaching and violent federal government the man at the centre of it all charismatic sect leader david koresh ban of course is david koresh david koresh david garage that's what david wanted was everyone to pay attention to him finally mr her russian anand he was getting when he won it grew liz around him he was a highly unstable selfproclaimed messiah.

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