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Around stars near us we know this and there is a distinct possibility that life is formed out there and in fact i would i would bet money that life does exist elsewhere in the universe intelligent life is a lot harder i actually talked about that my book the distinction between just life and intelligent life but but but it's not all shocking when you see something like this to think well you know maybe you could be a visitor well many of us will think it could be a visitor and if you work at the pentagon you might think well better throw twenty two million dollars at it to find out don lincoln author of alien universe extraterrestrials in our minds and in the cosmos don thanks him by thanks forever for of aloha this is michelle calling from honolulu i have believed since i was a little kid that we couldn't possibly be the only planet in the universe that has life it wouldn't surprise me to find that we are on the level of stone age or indeed bacteria in the eyes of civilizations advance far beyond imagining our most hugh scifi authors you beliefs and seven seven invited earlier this week the international dark sky association designated the very first dark sky reserve ever in the united states it's one of only twelve in the entire world this reserve in the us is made up of fourteen hundred square miles in remote central idaho it's so dark that if you look up you can see the milky way in all of its detailed john barron time is the program manager for the international dark sky association john thanks for being here thanks for having me taught or john when you stand out in the dark sky reserve in remote idaho at two in the morning on a moon last night and you look up what he say you'll see something that you've probably never seen before in your life especially if you come from the big city and that is the sky full stars from horizon two horizon and you'll notice a lot more in the way of sounds on the ground because absurd nocturnal wildlife stutter active and these are things that were really disconnected from in many ways unmee parts of the world because of the amount of late.

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