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Higher one. Welcome to sandy kane nutrition health and lifestyle queen today with me. I have dr bill lawrence and dr lawrence actually has a degree in law however he is a master of science and psychology and a phd in nutrition and since nineteen ninety. His focus has been on slowing and reversing human biological aging. He has developed. Numerous science based protocols focused on optimal aging for health professionals and individual clients and currently doctor lawrence is the administrator of two clinical studies to determine if human biological age can be reversed. Welcome dr lawrence. I saw excited to have you today. Thank you sandy. It's great to be here actress. Just great to be anywhere. Well yeah exactly these days. That's just the case. But i'm i'm really excited to talk to you because what you're doing is truly in my opinion cutting edge and it's based in science so it's not just techniques that people can use and maybe it's going to help them age. Well maybe not. This is truly science that you're doing and you have these two clinical studies that i really want to introduce to my listeners. Because i feel like it's really going to be of interest to many people in midlife so you know maybe i guess we can 'cause you're actually doing quite a few things yourself aren't you. Oh yes Let's let me give the yeah some background and soon you all of us have our personal stories as to why were in the health field and so forth and i have one of those When i said. I'm glad to be anywhere literally. I i truly mean that of i was raised in the mormon church. And we do a lot of genealogy work there i knew growing up that We did not have genes for longevity certainly among the males in my family and my uncles grandfather uncles and so forth the all died in their fifties all of them from heart disease My father had his first heart attack. Myocardial infarction at fifty seven and then his fatal one at sixty five Looking back through the genealogy there was only one man one male over a period of two hundred years where we had both birth and death information Only one male made it to seventy in all those years. he was a wonderful manuals. An uncle of mine He was a nondenominational preacher Just the most ethical honest good human being it was interesting. Because he preached all the time And he would refer oftentimes to a section of of psalms in the bible where it says that Mankind should live for three score and ten years. Well that's seventy years of interest in his seventieth year about three months he turns seventy. he was diagnosed with cancer and.

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