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More beauty take it away. Hey ryan how are you. This is shaun from philadelphia big supporter of the philadelphia union and also a big supporter of the us men's national team. My question has to do with the national team roster and lessen the caning being back on the squad what does mckinney has to do either on the field off the field or both to regain the trust of his manager and a teammate. Thanks for everything you do courage. Oh sure miss philadelphia. Cheese steaks look western mckinney. Will today. we honestly don't know because let's remind ourselves it's not been made public. Exactly what western did say anyone. Prognosticating is really making up and the truth is and this will not shock football as a human beings as sensitive ones device. No doubt a number of players were burnt by west and in the last cycle westerns behavior in the last cycle in. Us soccer most certainly was football. As i've learned this they are incredibly pragmatic human beings. They want to win. And i learned this interview. Eric wynalda from my american fiasco cost the episode. Where john hawkes started original captain. America is mysteriously booted from the team ahead of the nineteen ninety eight world cup after having an affair with elders partner talking to alexi lalas marcelo balboa and to himself about it well this is what they had to say starting with lawless. I was angry. And maybe maybe i'm being flipped. Maybe i'm i'm not being sensitive to eric or anybody else but i would have said. Get over him all right. Let's go let's go win and you guys can fight later. You can hate each other. I don't care. But i want him on my team because he's a good soccer player and i just wanted to win as a professional. I will forgive you a lot as long as you're going to help me win. I think we all thought the same thing. Marcelo balboa harsher was a good player artsy harks deserve to be on that team knowing. Even what you knew now. It doesn't matter it's sad but it's personal life and had nothing to do the way he was playing. It had nothing to do with the chemistry of this team off the field. That's something that harks you went all the had to work out but once you cross that line it goes away and we become a family again and we play because that's what we have to. That's the competitive we. Have we get our job done and we do a well. You see professional football list. They're the athletes and the way they think the way they behave the code. They live their lives by. It's just different to those of us. Who miss civilian. This is everyone else. I thought that if i can handle it. Steve should have been able to handle it and he to this day. I think that that ripping john off our team was ripped the heart out our team. Was it a situation where you like so angry that you couldn't be in the hall now. Look i don't know never. I think i have a unique understanding of that man and okay. So you've learned a lesson about someone's character learned a lesson about but the game always needs to be paramount. You're you're representing your country. We don't have time for that and in a way when you life is crushing off the field this football. The football saves you and anybody. That's ever Gone through something really sometimes. Horrific we've seen. I've had teammates that have lost. Their wife. teammates have lost a child. I've to to be a teammate. In those moments what you what you realize is the game truly is a great escape. And when you're playing the game you you're able to compartmentalize to a certain extent and some of the issues that are going on in your life. Go away because you get to enjoy the game at a whole new level and it is.

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