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Back to ottawa's sports talk and whatever on b. as wp so everybody in this part of the world. James and i don't know about edmonton hockey fans but still talking about the demise. Once again of the toronto maple leafs a tradition. unlike any other right today Failed to get past the first ground once again. Haven't done so since two thousand four and got me wondering about the future. What's happening with this team. In the off season they brought in because one of the great complaints. They had a couple of big complaints about the makeup of the team. After last year's demise in one of them was lack of leadership and so they had jason spencer but then they bring in joe thornton they bring in wayne simmons. Zach bogosian n- No i wasn't wanted to call mike so you've got nothing but leadership and yet what happened. I mean it seemed to work out in the regular season. They were so good but come playoff time. That's when leadership is really supposed to kick in and yet a three one series lead. I'm one of the things that keeps you from getting skittish losing all your momentum is a lack of leadership that it's rudderless. This team has lots of guys who should to guide the ship here. And and prevent these cave-ins made no difference whatsoever as montreal came back and won three straight and not only one the three games but they were the team that was ready from the opening. Faceoff in game five montreal comes out and gets a three nothing lead game. Six montreal comes out and gets a to nothing lead in game seven. They come out and get a sizable lead as well. So toronto didn't even show up on time for those last three games. So i don't know maybe leaderships overrated. Maybe that particular group is is overrated. Maybe they don't have the ability to go with the leadership. I don't know but there's gonna be changes in toronto. I hit the post breakdown right. Some some of the stuff that people are saying about it jerry. Di who's who's a big hockey guy you know the comedian jerry. The in the in the show. He didn't all unsure right. Yeah big big sports nut okay big sports nut and he's he's he's generally kind of bang on with this takes you know. And he's a leaf fan. He lives in toronto from from there. Good hockey player too. Yeah right right an excellent golfer by the way anyway. He came on and said as lee fan. Now you know said look a relax. Everyone quit trying to tear this thing. Down ended up with a unbelievable goalie and carry price and shit happens. You know shit happens in in the world of sports i. I don't know enough stevie if you if you look at this and much tearing down are you gonna do just because you..

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