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All the best yadav that is an insane pantheon of characters a mom made up in regards to children not doing all christmas adjacent shores will seems like put to kids really care about what happens league while the sausages are being smoked well they won't get to eat the good sausage because that that's true shithead with a hook hand stole it no that's a different purse are who can't steals your other meat uh yeah the uh kept croker meet hook uses hooked still your meets however beugnet cracker sausage steeler hides in the rafters and still saw said okay sorry you're right these are either things that are used to scare child into doing their chores or excuse like a shitty fat dad who like eight all the food and could not have sounded like lima out in that meets dealer would hand i yeah that's actually a really good point i feel like this is just the matter what there is like a sort of nordic mother whose beset by a bunch of shitheads via and demons have been creator all sides t justifying or terrify yeah i i appreciate how much this is rooted in kind of a a earlier rural set of assumptions about what life is like oh years sheep get harassed you know you would he hides in the cash eddin steals the milk from your cows while you're smoking your sausage cheese steals it it's good it's the air george debt slammed yeah he laureate slammed a lot when you try to sleep thought when i can i think we call sure can all relate to.

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