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Today this is america sports talk show sports byline usa. Here's ron howard has joined us here on sports byline. Usa tell me a little bit. About what your thoughts were. When finally jackie robinson was picked to be The african american to come in and integrate baseball so we made it as a youngster And and a lot of other people were stymied laws. You know when your child you see on thinking that job when you go and take a little different things a little differently. And as i begin to dialogue more with older people older ball players particular off when the dodgers signed. Jackie robinson there were eighteen months in america in eighteen internationally. Twenty five man roster if you put the pencil that you got four hundred measly players one jackie robinson sign you the one jackie robinson divide four hundred and to him to get the percentage of people that come up with a multipurpose zero point two five to the inside of black baseball. Say hey a bunch of cracks. No integration chris. Now let's talk about dr j. b. martin who you probably never thought to gb martin on the chicago mercantile and was president of the negro american. The martin wanted to do the following. He wanted to take the the sixteenth. I'm sorry in nikola martling. And lastly and consolidate into eight teams and expansion basis place four in the american league for internationally. We played baseball. Now look at these numbers how we had the four hundred but now you've got to additional more for the totality but that too is not divided into one two hundred. That's six divided into two to three percents and that would eliminated. Why did all the players all would be compensated for the players that they developed now as an example kansas city. Monarchs jail wilkinson. Tom bears white owners did not receive one thing about the new ridiculous. Not see one penny for new. That was Eight and that's part of the home state grace. Who's a sunday man jackson and Coming in total grace. They didn't get one penny for johnny right. Generate was the first player sign. First pitch aside from the negro league shortly after obscenely like three or four months after robinson signing so this is no nobody they just took the pairs something niggly and the bad part about it The blackley actually brought baseball back up c. Three things almost killed baseball. This country won't black sox scandal one or two and the other was that that Shutdown we had about ten twelve years ago. What the blacks didn't as much as i should have gotten out of it but just taking woman and then siphoning off was alternately destroyed. The league when jackie was Was picked and do you think he was the right. Pick to be the first player to integrate baseball. And in fact it was no question about it but i was on other program that long ago with some only jackie was one of many others and he just couldn't believe what i was saying. I see what you had damage and so this way damaging what the what the losing of. Yes and bank it. And all these degrees sw tommy thompson with the the dummy have black bands. Yes the sandwiches with all the it was all sorts of both doesn't italy. And most people just mentioned had more esteemed into black the heathen robinson here but now let me factor this in the making share knowing that will about four weeks four months. I'm sorry about four months. April may june july august and the middle east and these guys are years in fact. Most of the players in an era wanted if they were going to integrate on the radio when most of the things we look into it. As i yeah i was just going to ask you about how the players that were in the negro leagues once. The announcement was made once. Jackie got into a dodger uniform. How did they overall feel today. Feel it was tokenism or did they feel. It was going to be the opening of the door for others. They sent me do some thinking. It was a work a lot of work and a lot of crazy about it. So that's that's all pro life. We're not all alike all monolithic. So that's the big play robinson's player and a great person key and he is one of those like bail who've the by they can buddies just a first jim. You know one of the things that was worrisome at least for branch rickey and others needed a lot of research on on. Jackie was You know he was somebody that if you said something to him you know and it wasn't appropriate that he would respond very fiery and that was what what branch had said to him. You can't respond to the things that in the slurs that you're going to hear and Put that into perspective for me as somebody that knew. Jackie robinson did. I didn't know. I just as a child. I just saw him in fact Well when i mean what. I mean by that. Is that but you know talking with other players that had played with him in that all. That's what i'm talking about. He i'll take her seal team soon. Jackie show stop heels Everybody has had nothing but positive thing about it. He's they didn't bother. Nobody was quiet. They didn't participate in the foolishness. He didn't drink. he didn't just a straight out. Gentlemen way around and say i. I haven't seen by say say anything disparity with just a just a great guy. I saw the players concerned. very recently. Involved i was asked about how you feel about.

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