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About we keep in mind too there's a lot of things that go down any given day any given night and that last show of the night we try to keep things a little bit more flexible so if there's something else you want to talk about we can't do that at three one four four three six seventy nine hundred there was a story in fox to I want to get to in a couple minutes Missouri lawmaker introducing his wife the legislature now that was pretty funny and the post dispatch had an article about unlikely housemates the odd couple Tom vases going to join us after the news at the next hour is a co author with his sister of a book called where war ends P. T. S. D. recovering from it a lot of people suffer some people may have family members that are suffering how do you deal with that appropriately and how do you not just give it lip service ID actually help we're gonna talk to our friend Larry rice in it looks like there could be a little support from the older man to try to get his downtown homeless shelter re opened that's going to come up in the next hour to will keep lines flexible and open how bout we go to Greg real quick is calling in hi Greg Hey Ryan I do my book good very good yeah you so you know on working security down in order for us and we had an event with worldwide technology and I and what do I see coming up for sixteen chest not budge three women carrying signs about one about the war and how we should really strong pain he's disgrace and we came really close to to where the skaters were in such and I said your ma you can't be over this area and she goes it's a free world I can be right one I said you're right it is a free world yeah I told you need to leave of those signs you're a disgrace all right now yeah yeah yeah so she looked at me and she goes I don't understand Sir were you talking about I said the protesters you folks in spray painted the soldiers memorial disgrace the memory of every soldier that is passed on that you're still alive you disgrace them and then I said to ride you're lucky you live in America because you will live in one of the greatest countries because if your lives over the Middle East you would be a second class citizen you wouldn't vote your dress what you're told you do exactly what your husband would tell you to do she looked at me and she's goes what are the good that's very fair do you talk about the women over there I said well realize in wake up lady you're lucky you live here but if you really want to make a real contribution to this country to this city what does go bacon from the mayor's office about the whole situation she turned her head walked away in and took the other two with her and another some protesters doing this the wrist yeah they went three ladies that walked up to the to the ice rink yeah down there to deposit caring side yeah and when did this happen there well this happened in our yeah when it's raining you guys do ice skating down a cure possible no no no no this was an event a private event but it it was going on before the rain said it all I see okay yeah yeah before correct Rangers everybody off but the protesters the three ladies there didn't seem to understand and there were some veterans apparently there there were real happy with them and I said you know you bring in this on yourself but here's the thing we live in the greatest country in the world well we don't take care of people like we sure liked our veterans and our homeless folks so for those people who are protesters are might be listening put your signs down get your heads out of where they should be try to do something good for our country and listen to Ryan records show because this man knows what he's talking about Ryan have a great night J. do Greg thank you very much at Greg's got a right to two in a row feeling pretty good too compliments to fertil who feel pretty guide you know you never know because what can happen is you know I'm bragging about two compliments in a row next call that comes in there gonna tell me how terrible I am you should see some of the emails I get people are always upset about the stupidest things but one thing Greg mentioned and I'm going to correct him on this he says we live in the greatest country in the world I'm gonna cracked me say we live in the greatest country in the history of the world I'm gonna help him on that it's more than just currently the greatest country in the world there's been no other country that's contributed more than the United States to the betterment of the entire world and you know what we can say universe because I don't believe in aliens thank you Greg three one four four three six seventy nine hundred or eight hundred nine two five eleven twenty we'll take some more your calls if you want if not I wanted to play.

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