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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Us Attorney General. William Bar is warning that predatory or selfish behavior could hamper the national response to the covert nineteen pandemic has NPR's Ryan Lucas reports. The Justice Department is cracking down on hoarding and price gouging of medical equipment. President trump has signed an executive order to try to tackle hoarding of key. Medical supplies such as masks. Hand sanitizer in ventilators attorney. General Bar speak for the White House podium said. The Justice Department is with the Department of Health and Human Services to determine which items to designate scarce once designated it would be illegal to stockpile such items on an industrial scale for profit bar said the DOJ has already opened investigations of suspected hoarding of medical goods. He said Americans who have a big supply of toilet paper at home. Don't have to worry but speculators on a warehouse of surgical masks. He said maybe hearing a knock on the door Ryan Lucas. Npr News Washington. Tensions are high on Capitol Hill where Democrats and Republicans are wrangling over. Nearly two trillion dollar economic rescue plan Senate Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell is urging lawmakers to support gop proposal the Democrats claim skewed towards big business. The trump administration is pushing for aggressive monetary policy steps to stand the economic blow from the Pandemic President. Trump says he's considering ways to restart. Us economy as soon as next week following completion of a fifteen day shutdown to help stem the spread of corona virus. New York's Governor is ordering all hospitals in the state to increase available bed space by at least fifty percent and Paris haunting along reports that the state is preparing for an expected spike in corona virus cases in Queens New York City Health and hospitals. Elmhurst is repurposing rooms to increase capacity says it. Ceo Israel Roja recovery rooms pre anesthesia care unit things that are usually used for transitional patients their opportunities for hospitals to be able to maximize those beds. But that won't be enough for North well. Health hospitals according to their chief medical officer Dr David at Nelly. We are currently replying. A number of our employees. Nurses Advanced Care Practitioners Physicians to work. That they don't normally job at that they're clinically capable to do bonaly says New York City's hospitals are counting on the temporary hospital sites. The Army Corps of Engineers is planning to build on the One News. New York around forty percent of the nation's population is under stay at home restrictions to slow the spread of Corona virus on Monday New Mexico and Washington state. Join roughly a dozen other states in mandating that residents avoid unnecessary travel and Florida governor onto Santa says air travelers arriving there from New York New Jersey and Connecticut Must Self Quarantine for at least fourteen days in pre market trading stocks are rebounding after Monday's declines. Us futures have risen nearly three percent on Asian markets. Hong Kong shares are up three and a half percent this is NPR news. Un Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez says the world body is seeking two billion dollars to help countries fight corona virus and a massive coordinated effort to deal with the social and economic fallout as Linda. Fassulo reports Gutierrez is also calling for an immediate halt to all conflicts around the world. Un Secretary General Antonio Tariffs said. It's time to put armed conflict on lockdown and he's calling on warring parties worldwide to put aside mistrust animosity and focus together on what he calls the true fight of our lives the corona virus. Good Tash One. That have conflicts. Go on there might be an absolutely devastating spreading of the virus. Linda Fasulo reporting a memoir by filmmaker. Woody Allen has been released weeks after its original publisher. Drop the book. Npr's Rose Friedman has more the book titled Apropos of nothing has been released by Arcade publishing which describes it as a quote candidate and comprehensive personal account by Woody Allen of his life ranging from his childhood in Brooklyn through his acclaimed career. The book caused a walkout of staff at its original publisher shed after Alan Son. Ronan Farrow asked the company to halt publication. Ferro has said he believes his sister Dylan. Who has accused their father of molesting her as a child. Allen denies the allegation in a statement. Arcade said that quote while we respect sheds decision to choose not to publish Woody Allen's book we choose not to take sides but rather firmly believe in upholding the right to freedom of speech Rose Friedman. Npr News New York. And I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington..

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