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Using less water chemicals and energy and the final wash will use laser technology. So lots of people are going out this problem from different directions. I'm glad that Tommy hilfiger is part of this initiative that people are like denim. Let's do something different with it. Or let's figure out a way to recycle within this part of the industry spent tastic, I love it. We're going to do one last letter and this one. Is from candidate. Who says I love that candidate calls herself that now I know it's her name come on. She has to she used to just be and now she's candidate. That just made me giggle. Okay. She says just listen to the episode talking about Mark Jacobs getting sued by nirvana for the use of the Connex smiley face created by Kurt cobaine. They are just so many levels of irony. Here it blows my gen-x our brain. It's ironic that that's Miley face even became a logo. It started a sort of an anti logo. Nirvana was an anti-capitalist almost Neil counterculture band and Kurt Cobain, even in the later years when his ban was was a success kept doing shows he and the band weren't up for and were pressured to do so out of fear. They would run out of money. This is a common tactic used to explain musicians that Kurt Cobain nirvana left behind a body of work that grew to a four hundred fifty million dollar empire is ironic all on its own that his doodle from his notebooks used in the bans merchandise, morphed into an image that was stolen by fashion label, and there's a lawsuit over it. Now is crushingly ironic that the brand who stole it is Marc Jacobs, a brand modeled by Kurt Cobain's own daughter Francis bean Cobain in twenty seventeen forgot about that is just painfully hardly full circle ironic. Adjacent ironic is the point that grunge was popularized in part by nirvana and was the antifascist movement sending kids to thrift stores army surplus instead of into malls. That smiley face was a part of the anti-capitalist antifascist movement. And now, it's the center of capitalist fashion. Just twenty years later. Thanks for keeping up with the podcast. You've always been one of my favorites. And I will stop what I'm doing and listen immediately. Whenever I see a new episode has dropped lots of of you Kate. We love you candidate candidate also drop some knowledge bombs about capitalism and the nineties this was such a fun note..

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