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M. Pacific One eastern with Jim Valley who in fact is in studio here today could make it on Friday but hey he's here today to talk about last week's wrestling and so much more Jim what are you wearing you know Brian it's really quantum when I started joining you here I have a bunch of wrestling shirt so I started wearing them to coordinate with the wrestling show for video subscribers and then when I called you the other day the new United States champion in New Japan Lance Archer I'm wearing my new Japan United States Championship Teasha with the belt on the front this probably one of my favorite shirts so did you watch any of the new Japan show yet not yet now you saw some clips Dave Finlay looks great looks like he leaned up I'm happy well if you didn't hear about it everybody so yes there is a new champion and I guess if you want to consider that a spoiler if you haven't seen the show you can but it was announced yesterday before the shell there was going to be a new United States champion because whether issues coming out of the luggage we'll talk about that in a second but basically there were traveled issues with Moxley and Zack Sabre junior they couldn't get there as a result of the typhoon and so new Japan the US title has been vacated and Lance Archer who wasn't even booked be in the US title match is now the new champion he sub for Jon Moxley. against the juice Robinson oxy is noted unable to make due to travel issues and archer demanded the match become no D. Q. Robinson agree they have an all out brawl archer got the win following the blackout on a pile of chairs so lance archer is your new US champion and then as you noted David Finley returned laid out archer with a couple of stunners you've been out for most of the year following shoulder surgery is last match was in February now he is back and it's going to be challenging soon for the US title we'll talk more about this after the break plus raw tonight Mike Simple Vive is gonNA join us and much much more you're on wrestling observer live now that you can get your favorite chilly three for ten meals delivered anywhere can be your own personal chilies so hi welcome to my house welcome.

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