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Captain Arlen on CBS calling Randy Bullock shank of that 30 yard field goal that would have forced overtime Bangles lose 16 13 to the Chargers. That kid came right after a burro appear to have won the game with a touchdown. Best A J. Green, But again, Green called for offensive pass interference. The rookie was asked for his thoughts on that call. I don't know his bang bang plays at the end of day, you know I made to me in the states to win the game, and we didn't make enough plays. So whether that called goes our way or not, You know, I made mistakes De Palma's Jonah deep on and threw the interception that that just can't happen. Burrow ran for a touchdown through for 193 yards. The law's Bangles did show some promise, though the Brown's on the other hand, did not. They've now lost 16 consecutive season openers buried by Baltimore 38 26 years quarterback Baker Mayfield. The good teams they don't let one mistake turned into a bunch. They can nip it in the button and move forward, You know, fix their mistakes, so we just have to be better next time. There's no way around it. No excuses. We just have to be better to of Baltimore's touchdowns by the way, scored bio issue Product, J. K. Dobbins in his first NFL game. Speaking of first NFL games, Chase Young was impressed. Two sacks and a forced fumble. Washington behind Dwayne Haskins rally from 17 downed upset Philadelphia Zeke Elliott and a pair of touchdowns for Dallas. But the Cowboys lost the Sunday night game to the Rams. Week. One wraps up tonight to Monday. Nighters Steelers visit The Giants Tennessee is at Denver despite meeting all weekend and hearing comprehensive plans. Big 10 presidents still have not voted on a return to play. Porting reports that could happen today on October. 17th return is currently on the table Baseball any instruct their six rate falling to Minnesota Reds beat ST Louis Baseball was highlighted by a no hitter yesterday that cuts Alec Mills. No hitting Milwaukee and a 12 to nothing win. N BA DENVER over the L. A Clippers forcing 1/7 game in that Siri's NHL Tampa Bay beats the Islanders They take a 31 lead in the Eastern Finals from the central high on a dealer sports desk, Ma'am Accordions radio 6 10 w TV 5 50. Let's update traffic and weather together. Here's Johnny Gill traffic fairly quiet all the way into and through downtown Columbus. However, out Madison County we've got a little bit of a slowdown on 70 East. Approaching the construction zone, starting at US 42. We've added a.

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