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The the part that's a little tricky with it is so what was appealing for with him. And he was we should add like he was MAC around really wanted him at North Carolina to be the offense coordinator, and he was considered. And then he decided to stay in Denton. And there was interested in him by Mike Gundy at Oklahoma state in the navy hired the OC from Princeton in this case, his work with quarterbacks is something that a lot of people are very intrigued by him the challenging part is. So I from my understanding is he's probably gonna get to bring one off field staff or but I thought and I thought this was quick Kingsbury is in a year brain area guide or on the offense. But he's not even getting to bring, you know, his all lying coach or whatever he gets to pick cliff was gonna. Get to bring a running backs coach. But just in terms of you know, you're not the teach these guys the system and then on top of it when you look at US's roster a recruiting class argue the two best players they're signing are tight ends tight ends or something usually don't see and on air raid system. So I think there's gonna be some finessing in in. We'll see how it works. You know, if you're Graham Harrell, I think, you know, my understanding is he's getting a two year contract think he's quadrupling his salary. So that makes a lot of sense on on his side. But you know, you're going into a place where the coaches on odyssey in the country, and there's a lot of pressure around there. So so it's gonna be interesting to see how this, you know, air-raid hybrid or whatever they're gonna call. It goes at USC because I think the problems are bigger than just the offense there. Let's be honest. There's problems are throughout that place. You say that there's not. Room for tight ends in the area offerings. Have you forgotten jas Amaro? You know, look Leach didn't have them some other guys, did, you know cliff had one there and they play him differently. I mean, it's not like you're an in line Walker. I just remember him being I think the top receiver on one of king's varies Texas Tech teams. And I remembered it actually became like a little source of of drama where was he considered a tight end or not as related to the Mackey award. You know, he was he was actually one of the bigger recruits. They signed in Lubbock in cliffs time there, and he was very productive. If you look right now, I mean this past year Dana Holger sin had could good tight ends at West Virginia. But daynuss kind of I won't say broken from the area, but he's kind of really evolved some to to to work with the personnel has and knows maybe Graham will do that here. Let's get to the mail bag as always you can send your emails to the audible pod at g mail dot com..

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