A new story from Ken Held's Doo Wop Shop


Avenue. I shall never love another. Why stand by me all the while? Happiness. With. Take care. Go through. Various how? We always have. Always have. Maybe thing I'd say. In everything I say. Yeah. With all your. And love me with all your heart. Through. You will. Sipa? Beginning of time. Come to me. Me. Title kiss. Samir. Treat me. One. New. The ten commandments. Ten. Song there JJ Harvey Fuqua and the moon glows and the ten commandments of love what you got next. Well, one moon glows tune deserves another. So here I knew from the start. Doc. It's another from your doo wop passed yet the hell do op shop. Close. See? Species. Johnsson? Oh, I wonder wonder. Who? And. New. New. You know? Oh, man. Why? New. Hello. Wonder new. Taleh? New. For new..

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