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The tail end of his career he's 34 yati audie oughta are because if you look at him him with kansas city i mean he played well as pass he's like i said had one of the best years of his career on these mega pull the stats from the season threw for four thousand yards twenty six touchdowns five interceptions had hundreds of four point seven completion around quarterback rating excuse me this completion percentage of sixty five or sixty seven point five percent so i'm no genius quarterback genes or anything like that but that sounds pretty good to me wrong for over four thousand yards have a near thirty touchdowns and only throw five pigs and people are saying that washington just messed up here and i think the only par were washington really messed this up is given him the big contract that they did alex smith got an extension what the redskins he's getting four years ninety four million seventy one million of that is guaranteed i think that's a little bit too much for alex smith but i understand you've got to pay the guy to keep him all right and as far as alec smith is gonna do with the redskins i think he'll do just fine i think the redskins are going to be a c they finished what was it let me see if i can find them are skip out on the record from the past season they finished its year i hear the finished seven and nine honestly i think that this could be they can be a win better with alex smith if they do well in the draft they could probably be fin out finish nine and seven liked redskins aren't going to be a bad team with alec smith i i feel like this team fits him even more than kansas city did as far as his skillset you got chris thompson who asked smith can look for all tobacco fields forest on in the boft josh thoughts is going to be in his secondary showed some promise last season james and crowder i'm not a guy who runs deep or anything like that is nice little route runner and then you've got guys like rob kelly and ryan grant also receive alpine receiver than you gotta vernon davis and jordan read if he gets the healthy this team this offense right here can make alec.

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